jQuery UI 1.10.0 Changelog

Released on January 17, 2013 link Build Added: Support for pre-releases in release script. (1f5dd8d) link Core & Utilities Removed: Use of bgiframe. (68cab60) link UI Core Removed: $.support.minHeight. (0c67254) Removed: $.ui.contains. (#8902, 747d853) Removed: $.ui.ie6. (995eb12) Removed: $.ui.isOver() and $.ui.isOverAxis(). (#8891, 3ec0c2e) Fixed: Patch over broken .removeData() in jQuery 1.6.1 + 1.6.2. (886d6fe) link … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.12 Upgrade Guide

Overview API Redesigns Preparing for jQuery UI 1.14 General changes Removed IE7 workarounds Discontinued IE8, IE9, and IE10 support Font size changes New default theme Dropped support for jQuery 1.6 Split core.js into small modules Moved widgets and effects source files into folders Explicit CSS dependencies Official package on npm Core Removed .focus( delay ) … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.8.17 Changelog

Released on November 29, 2011 link Build Added: Switching to uglify.js instead of closure compilier. (eee4db7) link Core & Utilitieslink Position Fixed: Revisit solution for off-by-1 errors. (#7255, bfbc0b1) link Interactionslink Droppable Fixed: Parent droppable takes precedence over dynamically created child droppable. (#6085, #6009, f7b28df) Fixed: Droppable event target changes under jQuery 1.7. (#7852, aa4e8ab) … Continue reading