jQuery UI 1.13 Upgrade Guide

Overview Reminder: API Redesigns General changes Security fixes Strict mode Files & directory structure Newer Core features Dropped support for jQuery 1.7 Dropped $.ui.escapeSelector Accordion Added function value for a header option Datepicker Added onUpdateDatepicker callback altField no longer accepts HTML input Various *Text options no longer accept HTML input Position of is treated as … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.8b1 Changelog

Released on January 20, 2010 jQuery 1.4 New widget factory that is not backward compatible with the old widget factory. Two new plugins: button and autocomplete. Removed the stackfix plugin, in favor of reverting back to the bgiframe plugin. link Build Fixed: Build includes @import and full CSS. (#5044) link Widget Factory Added: widget method … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.7.2 Changelog

Released on June 19, 2009 link GeneralThis is a maintenance release for jQuery UI 1.7. It changes only the plugins listed below. In addition to the plugin fixes below, 7 new themes were added: Sunny, Overcast, Le Frog, Flick, Pepper Grinder, Eggplant and Dark Hive. link Widgetslink Accordion Fixed: changestart event not documented (#4471) link … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.6.0 Changelog

Released on April 16, 2009 link GeneralWhat was originally planned as the 1.6 release was moved over to the 1.7 release. The final 1.6 release is 1.6rc2 plus fixes. This is a legacy compatibility release for those still using jQuery 1.2.6. link Core Widget factory: Added trigger method for triggering callbacks and events. cleaned up … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.10.0 Changelog

Released on January 17, 2013 link Build Added: Support for pre-releases in release script. (1f5dd8d) link Core & Utilities Removed: Use of bgiframe. (68cab60) link UI Core Removed: $.support.minHeight. (0c67254) Removed: $.ui.contains. (#8902, 747d853) Removed: $.ui.ie6. (995eb12) Removed: $.ui.isOver() and $.ui.isOverAxis(). (#8891, 3ec0c2e) Fixed: Patch over broken .removeData() in jQuery 1.6.1 + 1.6.2. (886d6fe) link … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.8.18 Changelog

Released on February 20, 2012 link Core & Utilitieslink UI Core Fixed: minHeight support test affects page layout in IE 9. (#8026, 9e4455f) link Position Fixed: There is a reference to the global jQuery variable. (#8029, e2a2112) Fixed: Position documentation doesn't state default values. (#7946) link Interactionslink Draggable Fixed: cursorAt demo options incorrect. (#8104, edd52ed) … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.12.1 Changelog

Released on September 14, 2016 link Core & Utilitieslink Widget Factory Fixed: Memory leak and bad performance for managed classes on transient elements (#15043, 89af4c2) Fixed: instance() should return undefined for empty sets (#15019, 3dd8a09) link Interactionslink Draggable Fixed: Incorrect focus handling on mousedown (#15046, 8c66934) link Sortable Fixed: Calling cancel() throws an error (#15042, … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.8.10 Changelog

Released on February 22, 2011 link Interactionslink Resizable Fixed: Element doesn't change to size that helper shows when snapping to grid (#6926, d6fa44a) link Widgetslink Autocomplete Fixed: Handling of race conditions when using jQuery 1.3.2. (#6904, 6b9b513) link Button Fixed: Batched class changes to improve performance. (#6934, 9191ee3) link Datepicker Fixed: Incorrect semi-colon that should … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.8.17 Changelog

Released on November 29, 2011 link Build Added: Switching to uglify.js instead of closure compilier. (eee4db7) link Core & Utilitieslink Position Fixed: Revisit solution for off-by-1 errors. (#7255, bfbc0b1) link Interactionslink Droppable Fixed: Parent droppable takes precedence over dynamically created child droppable. (#6085, #6009, f7b28df) Fixed: Droppable event target changes under jQuery 1.7. (#7852, aa4e8ab) … Continue reading


ThemeRoller Roll Your Own Gallery Help Base UI lightness UI darkness Smoothness Start Redmond Sunny Overcast Le Frog Flick Pepper Grinder Eggplant Dark Hive Cupertino South Street Blitzer Humanity Hot Sneaks Excite Bike Vader Dot Luv Mint Choc Black Tie Trontastic Swanky Purse Using ThemeRoller ThemeRoller allows you to design custom jQuery UI themes for … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.8.6 Changelog

Released on October 25, 2010 link Build Added: Minify CSS (#5824, af582b9) Added: Use LC_ALL='C' when sorting. (2d70587) Added: Zip file for MS cdn to cdn target (was: googlecdn target) (bcde38d) Fixed: @VERSION not replaced in CSS files (#6191, 25853be) link Core & Utilitieslink UI Core Fixed: outerWidth() setter broken with jQuery 1.3.2. (#6196, 72985fb) … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.8.9 Changelog

Released on January 19, 2011 link Interactionslink Draggable Fixed: Incorrect handling of revert when using a helper and the original element is removed. (#6871, 0ed452b) link Sortable Fixed: Calling cancel when there is no sort occurring throws an error. (#6879, 1ce8cf8) Fixed: Calling cancel throws an error. (#5882, 465c4c2) link Widgetslink Accordion Fixed: Opening a … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.5.1 Changelog

Released on June 26, 2008 link Interactionslink Draggable Distance option now defaults to 1 instead of 0, allowing for click events (#3016) Fixed issue when placeholder didn't exist (#3018) link Droppable Disabling droppables does not prevent adding the hoverclass under some circumstances (#3010) link Resizable Distance option now defaults to 1 instead of 0, allowing … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.8a1 Changelog

Released on August 12, 2009 link New Plugins Position Stackfix zIndex link Core added custom selectors for widgets, e.g., :ui-draggable (#4266) widget factory auto detects getters (#4411) (#4601) all widget events are now lowercase (#4668) plugin options now do a deep extend with defaults (#4366) ui hash is always an object in callbacks/events now (#4650) … Continue reading