jQuery UI 1.8.7 Changelog

Released on December 8, 2010 link Build Fixed: Regex for relative path replacement on cdn target (ba28d11) Fixed: Minified css does not @include minified css files. (#6634, 812c274) link Core & Utilitieslink Position Fixed: Sometimes positioning is off by 1px in Firefox. (#6000, c667cff) link Interactionslink Draggable Fixed: Issue with containment on position:* Fixed elements. … Continue reading

jQuery UI Demos

jQuery UI offers a combination of interaction, effects, widgets, utilities, and themes designed to work well together or on their own. Play with the demos, view the source, build a theme, read the API documentation and start using jQuery UI today. Interactions Interactions add basic mouse-based behaviors to any element. You can create sortable lists, … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.8rc1 Changelog

Released on January 27, 2010 link Widgetslink Button Added: Add ui-state-focus on focus, making keyboard navigation possible, and button like 200% more accessible. Added: Add ui-state-active on keydown, further improving keyboard navigation. Fixed: handle space "click". Fixed: Don't log a click on disabled buttons. link Datepicker Fixed: Set focus error in IE8 for disabled and … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.13.0 Changelog

Released on October 7, 2021 link General Removed: Support for jQuery 1.7.x (b61b16b5a) Fixed: Stop using deprecated jQuery APIs, resolve jQuery Migrate warnings (f4ef03e57, 0c860b0d9, 995b5faec, 98b539171, 809f29efa, 0940cb9bd, 0b7246b6e) link Core & Utilitieslink UI Core Fixed: Rename from .form() to ._form() since its not for public use (trac-15074, 0627eb364) Fixed: Handle empty sets in … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.13.0-rc.2 Changelog

Released on September 3, 2021 link General Removed: Support for jQuery 1.7.x (b61b16b5a) Fixed: Stop using deprecated jQuery APIs, resolve jQuery Migrate warnings (f4ef03e57, 0c860b0d9, 995b5faec, 98b539171, 809f29efa, 0940cb9bd, 0b7246b6e) link Core & Utilitieslink UI Core Fixed: Rename from .form() to ._form() since its not for public use (trac-15074, 0627eb364) Fixed: Handle empty sets in … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.8.3 Changelog

There was a problem with the build process which generated jQuery UI 1.8.3 which caused some of the files to not contain the copyright information. Due to the missing copyright information, 1.8.4 was immediately released after 1.8.3. If you are using jQuery UI 1.8.3, please upgrade to 1.8.4 or a more recent version.


Change the size of an element using the mouse. ExamplesDefault functionalityAnimateConstrain resize areaHelperMaximum / minimum sizePreserve aspect ratioSnap to gridSynchronous resizeTextareaVisual feedback Enable any DOM element to be resizable. With the cursor grab the right or bottom border and drag to the desired width or height. view source 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.9.1 Changelog

Released on October 25, 2012 link Build Fixed: .jshintrc files not copied to dist. (#8687, 390510c) link Core & Utilitieslink UI Core Fixed: :focusable pseudo-selector does not find elements if parent has 0x0 dimension. (#8643, 86a958d) link Widget Factory Fixed: Destroy only when element is the actual target. (#8652, 8bb05d2) Fixed: this._on delegates using instance.widget() … Continue reading


Position an element relative to the window, document, another element, or the cursor/mouse. ExamplesDefault functionalityImage Cycler Use the form controls to configure the positioning, or drag the positioned element to modify its offset. Drag around the parent element to see collision detection in action. view source 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.11.2 Changelog

Released on October 16, 2014 link Build Fixed: Pull in jquery.simulate.js from Bower (#10563, aa425ab) link Core & Utilitieslink Mouse Fixed: Only detect out of document mouseups after a mousemove (#7778, e12e3e1) link Widget Factory Fixed: Avoid memory leaks when unbinding events with ._off() (#10056, b397294) link Interactionslink Draggable Fixed: Check all parents for fixed … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.10.2 Changelog

Released on March 14, 2013 link Build Added: Migrate to grunt 0.4 and contrib plugins. (f87b4e0, bd211df, e090a36) Removed: base theme from CDN build. (38fce3f) Fixed: Issues with theme images in 1.10.1 (#9090) link Core & Utilitieslink Position Fixed: getScrollInfo() swapped width and height. (#8763, e9c04bf) link Interactionslink Draggable Fixed: Containment incorrectly calculates padding and … Continue reading


Reorder elements in a list or grid using the mouse. ExamplesDefault functionalityConnect listsDisplay as gridDrop placeholderHandle empty listsInclude / exclude itemsPortlets Enable a group of DOM elements to be sortable. Click on and drag an element to a new spot within the list, and the other items will adjust to fit. By default, sortable items … Continue reading

Widget Factory

Create stateful jQuery plugins using the same abstraction as all jQuery UI widgets. ExamplesDefault functionality This demo shows a simple custom widget built using the widget factory (jquery.ui.widget.js). The three boxes are initialized in different ways. Clicking them changes their background color. View source to see how it works, its heavily commented To learn more … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.10.3 Changelog

Released on May 3, 2013 link Build Fixed: Incorrect links in effect manifests. (#9247, 91445c6, c64e1b8) Added: lint and test aliases. (0a06deb) link Interactionslink Draggable Fixed: Scroll not working with fixed position parent. (#5009, c1011b5) Fixed: Auto scroll goes double distance when dragging. (#6817, 943537c) Fixed: Containment doesn't properly update. (#8962, 507043c) Fixed: Not following … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.8.8 Changelog

Released on January 13, 2011 link Core & Utilitieslink Position Fixed: Collision detection fails on the right side in Internet Explorer. (#6812, ca46a3a) link Widgetslink Accordion Fixed: Accordion header margins disappear in IE 8. (#5421, 3471bd6) Fixed: ol numbering bug. (#6720, dd7aae2) link Autocomplete Fixed: The combobox "show all" button submits forms. (#6755, ffc0855) Fixed: … Continue reading


Use the mouse to select elements, individually or in a group. ExamplesDefault functionalityDisplay as gridSerialize Enable a DOM element (or group of elements) to be selectable. Draw a box with your cursor to select items. Hold down the Ctrl key to make multiple non-adjacent selections. view source 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.10.4 Changelog

Released on January 17, 2014 link Build Added: Support for running on Travis. (13c17eb) Added: Verify characters in output. (#9037, 7396460) link Core & Utilitieslink Widget Factory Fixed: widgetEventPrefix is empty when widget is loaded twice. (#9316, c241313) Fixed: Calling _setOption() with undefined as 3rd argument should act as a setter. (#9601, 6cdebe8) link Position … Continue reading

Color Animation

Animate the properties of elements between colors. ExamplesEffect demoaddClass demoAnimate demoEasing demoHide DemoremoveClass DemoShow DemoswitchClass DemoToggle DemotoggleClass Demo Click the button above to preview the effect. view source 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.13.1 Changelog

Released on January 20, 2022 link Core & Utilitieslink Widget factory Fixed: Optimize attachment of the _untrackClassesElement listener (#2014, 0c5becce0) Fixed: Make contextless widget construction work (#2015, ed637b04d) link Widgetslink Autocomplete Fixed: Rewrite with a delay instead of appending the live region (#2002, 933ce5d77) link Tooltip Fixed: Don't crash on empty content (#1990, 85fba3f10) link … Continue reading


Allow elements to be moved using the mouse. ExamplesDefault functionalityAuto-scrollConstrain movementCursor styleEventsHandlesjQuery UI Draggable + SortableRevert positionSnap to element or gridVisual feedback Enable draggable functionality on any DOM element. Move the draggable object by clicking on it with the mouse and dragging it anywhere within the viewport. view source 1 2 3 4 5 6 … Continue reading