jQuery UI 1.7.1 Changelog

Released on March 18, 2009 link GeneralThis is a maintenance release for jQuery UI 1.7. It changes only the plugins listed below. No changes to effects or themes. link Interactionslink Droppable Fixed: Droppable: option accept setter .droppable('option', 'accept', selector) fails (#4278) link Resizable Fixed: Resizable with containment boundary – aspectRatio breaks (#4199) link Selectable Fixed: … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.7.2 Changelog

Released on June 19, 2009 link GeneralThis is a maintenance release for jQuery UI 1.7. It changes only the plugins listed below. In addition to the plugin fixes below, 7 new themes were added: Sunny, Overcast, Le Frog, Flick, Pepper Grinder, Eggplant and Dark Hive. link Widgetslink Accordion Fixed: changestart event not documented (#4471) link … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.8.24 Changelog

Released on September 28, 2012 link Interactionslink Draggable Fixed: iframeFix option leaves iframes in DOM when using a selector. (#8555, 65bada3) link Droppable Fixed: Nested greedy droppables trigger parents events even when scopes are different. (#8524, 1cbd513) link Sortable Fixed: Remove and receive events on nested sortables. (#5159, c0d0283) Fixed: Nested lists don't work properly … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.11.4 Changelog

Released on March 11, 2015 link Interactionslink Draggable Fixed: Ensure parent is correct after dragging through sortable (#10669, b371063) link Resizable Fixed: Allow jQuery instances as handles outside of the resizable element (#9658, 65f31c2) Fixed: alsoResize supports more than one element of a jQuery instance (#4666, 31e7099) link Sortable Fixed: Append a <tr> with <td> … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.8.5 Upgrade Guide

Overview Button disabled attribute is read on initialization Datepicker Date parsing is now case-insensitive Dialog Improved button option Position The of option now accepts jQuery objects containing a document or window Collision now takes margin into account Tabs Ability to contain lists inside a tab Widget Widgets now throw errors for invalid method calls link … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.8.11 Upgrade Guide

Overview Autocomplete Added autoFocus option link OverviewThis guide will assist in upgrading from jQuery UI 1.8.10 to jQuery UI 1.8.11. All changes are listed below, organized by plugin, along with how to upgrade your code to work with jQuery UI 1.8.11. link Autocompletelink Added autoFocus option(#7032) A new option has been added to automatically focus … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.10.1 Changelog

Released on February 15, 2013 link Build Added: Minified CSS files on CDNs. (#8614, 822520e) link Core & Utilitieslink Position Fixed: Percentage offset does not support decimal. (#9076, c958b21) link Interactionslink Draggable Fixed: stack option resets the z-index. (#9077, c32bebd) Fixed: Reference to undefined $.ui.contains(). (#9051, 2df2abc) link Widgetslink Accordion Fixed: create event uses content … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.11.3 Changelog

Released on February 12, 2015 link Core & Utilitieslink Core Fixed: Match on exact node name for :focusable and :tabbable to support custom elements (#10747, f1345e3) link Position Fixed: Flip collision handling (#8710, 276cd5c, 9db4057) link Interactionslink Resizable Fixed: Correct width when grid approaches zero (#10590, 0a0db09) Fixed: Match on exact node name to support … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.8.23 Changelog

Released on August 15, 2012 link Core & Utilitieslink Position Fixed: 1.8 Compat; Position still uses $.curCSS. (#8501, 04df2b9) link Interactionslink Draggable Fixed: Draggable breaks during drag if any other draggable is removed or destroyed. (#8416, 25f20b1) link Widgetslink Datepicker Fixed: Escaped id does not work. (#8480, b92965a) link Dialog Fixed: Text of buttons in … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.12.0-rc.1 Changelog

Released on March 17, 2016, listing changes since 1.12.0-beta.1. link Interactions Draggable: Improve detection for when to blur the active element (#12472, #14905, 63c103d) link Widgets Accordion: Correct height calculated when closed (#11938, c87653b) Autocomplete: Work around isContentEditable bug in Chrome (#14917, cbceca7) Datepicker: Use getFullYear() instead of deprecated getYear() (#14920, 8564641) Menu: Remove active … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.12.0-rc.2 Changelog

Released on April 21, 2016, listing changes since 1.12.0-rc.1. link Interactions Resizable: Fix top jump with rotated element (89fe04a) Resizable: Implement setOption for handles (#3423, 623b64e) Selectable: Proper handling of inner scrolling (#13359, a240251) Sortable: Update _contactContainers to use page clientX/Y values (#10727, #5039, 9aca706) Sortable: Fix incorrect top containment for document (#14927, c19fc10) link … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.13.0-rc.3 Changelog

Released on September 25, 2021, listing changes since 1.13.0-rc.2. link CSS Fixed: Revert three theme commits that are causing styling issues (#1983) (0fe05e522) Fixed: Fix blank icons having a background (87656cdf5) link Build Changed: Require jQuery >=1.8.0 <4.0.0, not >=1.6 in bower.json (b0ed787d1) Changed: Update jQuery used for demos to 3.6.0 (f381ec051)

jQuery UI 1.8.22 Changelog

Released on July 24, 2012 link Interactionslink Sortable Fixed: Draggable with sortable makes sortable event receive triggered wrong. (#8430, 347aa33) link Widgetslink Datepicker Fixed: Datepicker dialog has a negative z-index. (#7449, fa5e7c1) Fixed: DatePicker doesn't work inside fixed div. (#5626, 9c1780f) Fixed: DatePicker does not respond to any click events in AIR, Google Sites, Windows … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.13.1 Changelog

Released on January 20, 2022 link Core & Utilitieslink Widget factory Fixed: Optimize attachment of the _untrackClassesElement listener (#2014, 0c5becce0) Fixed: Make contextless widget construction work (#2015, ed637b04d) link Widgetslink Autocomplete Fixed: Rewrite with a delay instead of appending the live region (#2002, 933ce5d77) link Tooltip Fixed: Don't crash on empty content (#1990, 85fba3f10) link … Continue reading

jQuery UI Demos

jQuery UI offers a combination of interaction, effects, widgets, utilities, and themes designed to work well together or on their own. Play with the demos, view the source, build a theme, read the API documentation and start using jQuery UI today. Interactions Interactions add basic mouse-based behaviors to any element. You can create sortable lists, … Continue reading


Displays collapsible content panels for presenting information in a limited amount of space. ExamplesDefault functionalityCollapse contentCustomize iconsFill spaceNo auto heightSortable Click headers to expand/collapse content that is broken into logical sections, much like tabs. Optionally, toggle sections open/closed on mouseover. The underlying HTML markup is a series of headers (H3 tags) and content divs so … Continue reading


Open content in an interactive overlay. ExamplesDefault functionalityAnimationModal confirmationModal formModal message The basic dialog window is an overlay positioned within the viewport and is protected from page content (like select elements) shining through with an iframe. It has a title bar and a content area, and can be moved, resized and closed with the 'x' … Continue reading


Use the mouse to select elements, individually or in a group. ExamplesDefault functionalityDisplay as gridSerialize Enable a DOM element (or group of elements) to be selectable. Draw a box with your cursor to select items. Hold down the Ctrl key to make multiple non-adjacent selections. view source 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 … Continue reading


Reorder elements in a list or grid using the mouse. ExamplesDefault functionalityConnect listsDisplay as gridDrop placeholderHandle empty listsInclude / exclude itemsPortlets Enable a group of DOM elements to be sortable. Click on and drag an element to a new spot within the list, and the other items will adjust to fit. By default, sortable items … Continue reading


A single content area with multiple panels, each associated with a header in a list. ExamplesDefault functionalityCollapse contentContent via AjaxOpen on mouseoverSimple manipulationSortableVertical Tabs functionality Click tabs to swap between content that is broken into logical sections. view source 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 … Continue reading