jQuery UI 1.8.24 Changelog

Released on September 28, 2012 link Interactionslink Draggable Fixed: iframeFix option leaves iframes in DOM when using a selector. (#8555, 65bada3) link Droppable Fixed: Nested greedy droppables trigger parents events even when scopes are different. (#8524, 1cbd513) link Sortable Fixed: Remove and receive events on nested sortables. (#5159, c0d0283) Fixed: Nested lists don't work properly … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.8.9 Changelog

Released on January 19, 2011 link Interactionslink Draggable Fixed: Incorrect handling of revert when using a helper and the original element is removed. (#6871, 0ed452b) link Sortable Fixed: Calling cancel when there is no sort occurring throws an error. (#6879, 1ce8cf8) Fixed: Calling cancel throws an error. (#5882, 465c4c2) link Widgetslink Accordion Fixed: Opening a … Continue reading