jQuery UI 1.12 Upgrade Guide

Overview API Redesigns Preparing for jQuery UI 1.13 General changes Removed IE7 workarounds Discontinued IE8, IE9, and IE10 support Font size changes New default theme Dropped support for jQuery 1.6 Split core.js into small modules Moved widgets and effects source files into folders Explicit CSS dependencies Official package on npm Core Removed .focus( delay ) … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.9 Upgrade Guide

Overview API Redesigns Preparing for jQuery UI 1.10 Core Added .uniqueId() and .removeUniqueId() methods Deprecated .disableSelection() and .enableSelection() Deprecated $.ui.contains Removed modifier keys from $.ui.keyCode Changed naming convention for .data() keys Accordion Added data to the create event Headers no longer require a child anchor element Deprecated changestart event; renamed to beforeActivate Allow Canceling the … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.8.6 Upgrade Guide

Overview Widget Added ability to define new methods for gathering options on initialization Widgets no longer throw errors for invalid method calls Autocomplete Allow default behavior on enter when menu is open but inactive Split menu resizing logic into its own method Dialog Don't change DOM position on open Progressbar Added complete event Effects Allow … Continue reading

jQuery UI 1.7 Upgrade Guide

Overview Accordion Datepicker Dialog Draggable Droppable Sortable Selectable Slider Resizable Tabs link OverviewThis guide will assist in upgrading from jQuery UI 1.5.x to jQuery UI 1.7.x. All changes are listed below, organized by plugin, along with how to upgrade your code to work with jQuery UI 1.7. link Accordion Renamed alwaysOpen option to collapsible (alwaysOpen … Continue reading