Support Center

The jQuery UI community is very active and provides a friendly, helpful environment when you need development advice or have ideas on how to improve a script, stylesheet, documentation, or any other part of the project. The jQuery UI team encourages everyone to actively participate in the development of the library.

Community Support

Browse the demos to get a glimpse of what functionality each plugin provides, or read the API documentation for all methods, effects, widgets, and selectors provided by jQuery UI. For more help and support, try these resources:


Using jQuery UI: For everyone using jQuery UI, and the best place to ask questions and advice regarding the use of all UI components, including Themeroller.

Developing jQuery UI: For developers working on building out the jQuery UI library and web sites. (Use the Using jQuery UI forum above to discuss how to use jQuery UI.)

jQuery Accessibility: For anyone that is unable to use the normal forums due to accessibility issues.

IRC Chat

The official IRC support channel is #jquery on For discussions about development of jQuery UI, join the #jqueryui-dev channel. See for more information.

Found a bug? Let us know!

Please report any issues and enhancements in our bug tracking system.

Commercial support

The following jQuery Foundation member companies are trusted by the jQuery UI project to provide commercial support.


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