jQuery UI 1.10.0 Changelog

Released on January 17, 2013

link Build

  • Added: Support for pre-releases in release script. (1f5dd8d)

link Core & Utilities

  • Removed: Use of bgiframe. (68cab60)

link UI Core

  • Removed: $.support.minHeight. (0c67254)
  • Removed: $.ui.contains. (#8902, 747d853)
  • Removed: $.ui.ie6. (995eb12)
  • Removed: $.ui.isOver() and $.ui.isOverAxis(). (#8891, 3ec0c2e)
  • Fixed: Patch over broken .removeData() in jQuery 1.6.1 + 1.6.2. (886d6fe)

link Widget Factory

  • Removed: Data fallbacks for widget names. (#8801, d44557f)
  • Removed: Use of metadata plugin. (#7192, 7678b90)
  • Removed: widgetBaseClass property. (#8155, cb030cb)
  • Added: Ability to use _on() even when disabled. (#8800, 84cd214)
  • Fixed: Bridge fails if widgetFullName is not supplied. (#8775, 75bd22e)
  • Fixed: Calling _super() calls wrong inherited widget. (#8876, 8b15aaf)
  • Fixed: widgetEventPrefix is incorrect when inheriting with jQuery UI 1.9.1. (#8805, 9e858ba)
  • Fixed: ui-state-disabled blocks destroy to be triggered on remove. (#8769, 1cdeecc)

link Position

link Interactions

link Draggable

  • Fixed: Resizable handle with inner element does not work, when its also draggable. (#8757, cf9fbce)

link Resizable

  • Removed: Pixel shifting for IE6. (d73edff)
  • Added: Support for complex markup in handles. (#8756, 0bff32a)
  • Fixed: Grid does not respect min/max dimensions. (#8435, 6e0a055)
  • Fixed: Modal dialogs do not disable resizables on the page. (#7960, 0cd470b)
  • Fixed: alsoResize option doesn't work with containment. (#4603, #5559, 5ba267e)
  • Fixed: Setting width and height when only one is changing. (#7605, 3974b55)
  • Fixed: Callbacks ignore the grid. (#5545, 3974b55)
  • Fixed: resize event reports unconstrained ui.size. (#5817, 3974b55)
  • Fixed: Absolutely positioned element inside scrollable element is repositioned when resized. (#3815, a1b32b5)

link Selectable

  • Fixed: Lasso offset issue with scrolling. (#8915, 6953589)

link Widgets

link Accordion

link Autocomplete

  • Removed: CSS workaround for IE6. (703d62f)
  • Removed: Data fallback for item.autocomplete. (#8156, 9202bb7)
  • Fixed: XSS in combobox demo. (#8859, 5fee6fd)
  • Fixed: Handle detached elements for appendTo after create. (da17a23)
  • Fixed: Autocomplete dropdown positioned incorrectly in IE. (#8749, d693ce5)
  • Fixed: Autocomplete fails when appendTo is detached from the DOM. (#8858, dec8445)

link Button

  • Fixed: Refresh does not re-enable disabled button. (#8828, 93abe02)
  • Fixed: Incorrect state after double click in Firefox. (#5518, caacf8f)
  • Fixed: Toolbar demo ugly in IE. (#5253, e77edc6)
  • Fixed: Button doesn't remove active state when using keyboard. (#8559, f13b5df)
  • Fixed: Inconsistent styling based on markup. (#7996, 83e2a59)
  • Fixed: Buttonset not applied to radio group with quotation/apostrophe in name. (#7505, cc7df71)
  • Fixed: Button doesn't remove hover state if they are disabled. (#5295, 8e1ceba)

link Datepicker

  • Removed: Data event handlers. (e21fc29)
  • Removed: Support for setting options via custom attributes. (7c53af0)
  • Removed: iframe cover for IE6. (5bd1965)
  • Added: Belarusian locale. (#8885, cff4c3c)
  • Added: Canadian French locale. (#8917, 9f841df)
  • Added: Kyrgyz localization. (#8787, 1e19e5e)
  • Added: Norwegian Bokmål and Norwegian Nynorsk locales. (#8886, 70f5d18)
  • Added: Run JSHint test in unit tests. (20a29df)
  • Fixed: Datepicker allows changing year to something outside yearRange. (#7362, eca5abd)
  • Fixed: Datepicker should reinitialize if dpDiv is removed. (#5679, 7ffcaa2)
  • Fixed: Faroese locale has incorrect firstDay. (#8815, 3d96f20)
  • Fixed: Changing disabled option doesn't work. (#8883, 598cdae)

link Dialog

  • Removed: Disabling dialogs is not supported. (0be97bf)
  • Removed: minHeight workaround for IE6. (5bd4b11)
  • Removed: Unnecessary style properties. (2c16435)
  • Removed: stack option. (#8722, 3829a37)
  • Removed: zIndex option. (#8729, 3829a37)
  • Deprecated: Array and string notations for position option. (#8824, a0310eb)
  • Added: Allow dialog to be attached to a element other than body. (#7948, 70b16ef)
  • Added: Improve accessibility - add an aria-describedby attribute on the dialog if there is nothing yet in the dialog content.(2a887e4)
  • Added: Allow Icons to be specified for Dialog buttons. (#6830, 9996173)
  • Added: Restore focus to opener. (#8730, 14691ae)
  • Added: Use button widget for close button. (83a9f21)
  • Fixed: Scrollbar is difficult to use with overflow content and resize handle. (#4575, 1ed853f)
  • Fixed: Destroying a dialog leaves style, scrollleft, and scrolltop leftovers. (#8119, d687a1b, 3c2acc3, f59f5a8)
  • Fixed: Close icon does not work in dialog larger than the window in IE. (#8838, 60486ac)
  • Fixed: Don't use .attr( props, true ). (a8de99c)
  • Fixed: Destroying a dialog during animated close leaves .ui-effects-wrapper in DOM. (#5860, 13505e5)
  • Fixed: Add option to set which element gains focus on open. (#4731, b27db7e)
  • Fixed: Title XSS Vulnerability. (#6016, 7e9060c)
  • Fixed: Content grows bigger than widget on resize at document edge. (#5559, 5ba267e)
  • Fixed: Contain focus within dialog. (#3768, 3a09a4a)
  • Fixed: Remove deprecated disableSelection() usage. (b6cefc7)
  • Fixed: Dialog overlays are not properly reused when multiple instances of a Dialog exist. (#6058, 1e8baf5)
  • Fixed: Auto height does not respect the maxHeight option. (#4820, d4551bc)
  • Fixed: If titlebar changes height during resize, button pane positioning changes. (#7773, bdb0fbe)
  • Fixed: Dialog with position:fixed goes offscreen when opening after scrolling down since v 1.9.0. (#8741, 5986571)
  • Fixed: Dialog does not close for first click on chrome. (#8789, d179cba)
  • Fixed: zIndex error with animated modal dialog. (#4892, d07074d)
  • Fixed: show: true and buttons break the layout. (#6899, d07074d)
  • Fixed: Modal dialog disables all input elements on page. (#3534, 3829a37)
  • Fixed: Modal Dialog disables vertical scroll bar in Chrome & Safari. (#4671, 3829a37)
  • Fixed: Modal Dialog's overlay disappears in IE when content is tall. (#4995, 3829a37)
  • Fixed: Don't change z-index when already at the top. (#5388, 3829a37)
  • Fixed: Modal dialog incorrectly cancels input events. (#5466, 3829a37)
  • Fixed: Get rid of z-index workaround, document it instead. (#5762, 3829a37)
  • Fixed: Checkboxes that inherit a z-index < dialog z-index don't work. (#6267, 3829a37)
  • Fixed: Modal prevents tab key from moving focus off slider handle. (#7051, 3829a37)
  • Fixed: Modal dialog event loss with high zindex child elements. (#7107, 3829a37)
  • Fixed: Modal operation interrupts drag drop marker functionality on gmaps. (#7120, 3829a37)
  • Fixed: Change event cancelled when opening modal dialog from another modal dialog. (#8172, 3829a37)
  • Fixed: Mouse event wrongly stopped. (#8583, 3829a37)
  • Fixed: CKEditor in Modal Dialog is not editable. (#4727, 3829a37)
  • Fixed: Buttons in background still working even when an active modal dialog is in open state. (#7063, 3829a37)
  • Fixed: Accessibility issues. (#7861, #7862, 2a887e4, 8ee8046, 83a9f21)
  • Fixed: Problem on Firefox when creating dynamic element. (#8351)
  • Fixed: Position changes on first resize. (#8508)
  • Fixed: Focus close button and closing dialog with Jaws 13. (#8963)
  • Fixed: select event not firing due to mouseHandled flag reset bug. (#8866, 5143b7f)
  • Fixed: Can't change icons option after init. (#8927, 2c3d311)
  • Fixed: refresh() doesn't refresh existing submenus. (#8773, 8b3e570)

link Progressbar

  • Added: Support value: false for indeterminate progressbar. (#7624, d3bc471)

link Slider

  • Added: Moved events to named functions (to allow extended plugins to hook in). (176e0ed)
  • Fixed: Multiple Sliders have conflict with options.values. (#8892, 209443d)
  • Fixed: Visual issues with disabled slider in IE8. (#6727, 421aeaa)
  • Fixed: Wrong slider UI state when disabled at init. (#8772, cb748b4)
  • Fixed: Handles can overlap, only small sliver of slider is selectable. (#3467, a188632)

link Spinner

  • Added: Spinner triggers start/spin/stop events when calling stepUp()/Down(), pageUp()/Down() methods. (#8901, 0d53fbf)
  • Fixed: Value can't be seen in dark themes. (#8950, d3d1e31)
  • Fixed: Can't change icons option after init. (#8926, 04d668b)

link Tabs

link Tooltip

  • Removed: IE6 CSS hack. (f83f07d)
  • Fixed: error when parent element has no title attribute using jQuery 1.6. (#8955, e4a786e)
  • Fixed: Using the track option within dialogs creates JS errors. (#8747, 98173a3)
  • Fixed: Tooltip potential setInterval() endless loop. (#8920, 9cbd4b4)
  • Fixed: XSS vulnerability in default content. (#8861, f285440)
  • Fixed: Does not hide consistently with dynamically loaded content. (#8740, 1b503a2)
  • Fixed: Tooltip is shown, but not hidden if element has class=ui-state-disabled. (#8758, 498aadf)
  • Fixed: Default positioning on large items off. (#8739, 1d9eab1)
  • Fixed: Tracking fails on nested elements. (#8799, ca0df6b)
  • Fixed: Tooltip shows incorrect message in Chrome if there is input with name='title' in a form. (#8742, d074efe)
  • Fixed: Use ui-tooltip-open instead of tooltip-open for data key. (02694a9)

link Effects

  • Removed: Support for effects in $.effects[]. (#7115, b8e0de2)
  • Fixed: Odd behavior of css hook when setting backgroundColor to transparent in IE7/8. (#8914, da01fb6)
  • Fixed: Class animation has broken noConflict support. (#8860, c5e0961)

link CSS Framework

  • Fixed: Don't show icon when only ui-icon class is present. (#5659, 1fe06f0)
  • Fixed: Autocomplete inside dialog causes scrollbars. (#8793, 48e0aa0)
  • Fixed: Reformatted CSS to use better coding standard. (010e09f)
  • Fixed: Remove unneeded vendor prefixing. (#8834, c4b7c75)
  • Fixed: Remove invalid CSS for legacy browsers. (#7975, d7bff01)

link Tests

  • Added: Allow async domEqual() tests. (902df84)