jQuery UI 1.10.2 Changelog

Released on March 14, 2013

link Build

  • Added: Migrate to grunt 0.4 and contrib plugins. (f87b4e0, bd211df, e090a36)
  • Removed: base theme from CDN build. (38fce3f)
  • Fixed: Issues with theme images in 1.10.1 (#9090)

link Core & Utilities

link Position

  • Fixed: getScrollInfo() swapped width and height. (#8763, e9c04bf)

link Interactions

link Draggable

  • Fixed: Containment incorrectly calculates padding and border. (#5569, 6358695)
  • Fixed: revert option reset after being added to a connected sortable. (#9103, a924af1)

link Droppable

  • Fixed: drop event can cause droppables to remain active if any droppable is created/destroyed in the event handler. (#9116, 1c80735)

link Sortable

  • Fixed: Portlet demo is buggy. (#4485, 8655d91)
  • Fixed: Unable to use an image as a placeholder in Firefox. (#5129, b9be6bb)
  • Fixed: cursor option doesn't override CSS cursor settings. (#7389, a692bf9)
  • Fixed: Incorrect revert animation with axis: 'y'. (#7415, 054449e)
  • Fixed: Issue with floated items in connected lists. (#8792, 89473f6, 8b1b34c)
  • Fixed: The over event fires on every pixel movement. (#9041, 07ce771, 8b1b34c)
  • Fixed: Placeholder not displayed when sorting table rows. (#4765, bd47bd4)

link Widgets

link Autocomplete

  • Fixed: Incorrect escaping in combobox demo. (#9086, ba96cb4)
  • Fixed: Mouse auto-highlights option in Firefox. (#9118, d5d3a74)

link Datepicker

  • Fixed: German localization - make casing of previous/next/today consistent. (#9098, 10ca483)

link Dialog

  • Added: Allow registering elements outside a dialog for use when a modal dialog is open. (#9087, 51eb28e)
  • Fixed: Dialog inheritance. (#9097, 5e1b8dc)

link Spinner

  • Fixed: Spinner keeps changing after losing focus. (#9112, 2348fb8)

link Tabs

  • Fixed: Can't inherit border-bottom-color for vertical tabs. (#9111, 1c5171c)

link Effects

  • Fixed: .hide() inconsistent with core with a hidden parent. (#9120, 948563b)
  • Fixed: .show()/.hide() do not support all of core's options. (#9126, 6f29577)

link CSS Framework