jQuery UI 1.11.0 Changelog

Released on June 26, 2014

link General

link Build

  • Added: Use Bower to manage client-side dependencies. (#9507, d789d7a)
  • Added: Run tests on Travis. (b5c41a2)
  • Added: Validate number of generated manifests. (5bbf276)
  • Added: Replace @VERSION in release tags. (#10006, 0645ac4)
  • Added: Validate commit messages with commitplease. (08c7328)
  • Added: JSCS task for code style checking. (c462e66, 4752ee9)
  • Added: jquery-release dependency. (#9793, 516920a)
  • Added: Run all CSS files through csslint. (5fb6863)
  • Added: grunt-esformatter, formats all source files (no validation). (327bcba)
  • Added: Add lint and test aliases for Grunt. (d8468a3)
  • Added: Manifest entry for selectmenu. (56e092d)
  • Fixed: Ability to use jQuery 2.x with Bower. (#10110, a0fea7d)
  • Fixed: Force LF for JS source files (d7860b9)
  • Changed: Reorganize external directory. (6df127a)
  • Fixed: Verify ASCII only characters in output. (#9037, 7da8283)
  • Fixed: Include es3 option for JSHint. (f848ae3)
  • Removed: the build task and it's dependencies. (9ef09ed)
  • Fixed: Generate pre-releases the same way as stable releases. (#9998, 079279a)
  • Fixed: Include draggable.css and sortable.css in the CSS concat step. (a69ccd6)
  • Fixed: Incorrect links in effect manifests. (#9247, 45f85cc, 2daf09d)

link Core & Utilities

link UI Core

link Widget Factory

  • Added: instance method on the bridge to return widget instance. (#9030, 36cb6f2)
  • Added: Support events with dashes and colons. (#9708, be2a339)
  • Added: _init() method is now optional. (#9543, 6e799c3)
  • Added: Return the constructor from $.widget(). (#9467, c0ab710)
  • Fixed: Properly set widgetEventPrefix when redefining a widget. (#9316, 2eb89f0)
  • Fixed: Only remove hover and focus classes when disabling, not enabling. (#9558, d13df39)
  • Fixed: option() method should work as getter only when argument length is 1. (#9601, ecde7cd)
  • Changed: .enable() and .disable() act via ._setOptions() instead of ._setOption(). (bc85742)

link Position

  • Removed: $.support.offsetFractions. (baf6bc5)
  • Added: New download dialog demo. (a74b69e)
  • Fixed: Scrollbar width detection causes layout issues. (#9291, d500e94)
  • Fixed: Positioning within document throws an error. (#9533, 1bbbcc7)
  • Fixed: Incorrect presentation with progressbar demo label in IE9. (#9163, 8bf5bc8)

link Interactions

link Draggable

  • Fixed: Disabled should not have the ui-state-disabled class or aria-disabled attribute. (#5974, 44d0717)
  • Fixed: Position bug in scrollable div. (#9379, 44b2180)
  • Fixed: Clicking on a draggable anchor without moving it should make it the active element. (#8399, bca3e05)
  • Fixed: Make sure positional constraints are never applied to ui.originalPosition (4bd1a9c)
  • Fixed: Make sure snap elements are in the document before snapping. (#8459, 9d8af80)
  • Fixed: Double offset bug when scrolling. (#6817, 82f588e)
  • Fixed: Enabled draggable from within iframe. (#5727, 24756a9)
  • Fixed: Modified snapping algorithm to use edges and corners. (#8165, bd126a9)
  • Fixed: Apply axis options to position instead of style. (#7251, 94f8c4d)
  • Fixed: Ability to change containment option. (#9733, 0bb807b)
  • Fixed: Position bug in scrollable div. (#9379, 44b2180)
  • Fixed: Scroll not working with fixed position parent. (#5009, 49c7b72)
  • Fixed: Inputs do not blur when clicking on a draggable. (#4261, fcd1caf)
  • Fixed: Not following mouse when scrolled and using overflow-y: scroll. (#6258, a88d645)
  • Fixed: Cursor doesn't revert to pre-dragging state after revert action when original element is removed. (#6889, d345a0d)
  • Fixed: Browser window drops behind other windows in IE9/10. (#9520, eae2c4b)
  • Fixed: Handle containment option set to false after init. (#8962, dc5254a)
  • Fixed: Jumps down with offset of scrollbar. (#9315, 263d078)

link Droppable

  • Fixed: Disabled should not have the ui-state-disabled class or aria-disabled attribute. (#6039, 44d0717)
  • Fixed: Off-by-one error in isOverAxis(). (#10128, 433ef9d)
  • Fixed: scope option cannot be changed after initialization. (#9287, ffab89e)
  • Fixed: Dependencies in photo manager demo. (13be920)
  • Fixed: offsetWidth and offsetHeight are queried unnecessarily causing synchronous reflow. (#9339, a4fc7a9)
  • Fixed: Use ui-state-default for activation in demos. (8f267ee)

link Resizable

  • Fixed: Disabled should not have the ui-state-disabled class or aria-disabled attribute. (#5973, 44d0717)
  • Fixed: Resizing can move the element. (#7018, #9107, 20f0646)
  • Fixed: containment now works with all parents, not just the immediate parent. (#7485, c03cb80)
  • Fixed: Only resize/reposition if size is greater than specified grid. (#9611, 20c1648)
  • Fixed: Don't force absolute positioning when also draggable. (#6939, 3576ceb)
  • Fixed: Allow resizing when resizables are nested. (#5025, ec5f395)
  • Fixed: Off-by-one pixel dimensions with helper and grid. (#9547, 14065dc)
  • Fixed: Erratic behavior of contained elements within scrollable grandparents. (#9307, 6df5c1a)

link Sortable

  • Fixed: Placeholder breaks table-layout: fixed. (#9185, 09b3533)
  • Fixed: Placeholder doesn't move when using connectWith option. (#8301, f306a82)
  • Fixed: Dragging items into bottom of a list. (#9314, #9381, 601ad96)

link Widgets

link Accordion

  • Removed: content property in create event. (#8999, 43442c3)
  • Removed: ui-accordion-noicons class which was unused. (d65cc93)
  • Fixed: Maintain collapsed state on refresh. (#9189, 5a8596c)
  • Fixed: Avoid resetting outline on headers which was removing focus indicator. (#9352, 9470af0)
  • Fixed: Moved aria-expanded from active tabpanel to active tab. (#9407, f16d0c7)
  • Changed: Moved animation properties into the widget prototype. (da185a6)

link Autocomplete

  • Fixed: Normalize falsy values, not just missing values. (#9762, 113e9d0)
  • Fixed: Scope race condition handling to the instance to allow multiple instances to have simultaneous requests. (#9334, 9e00e00)
  • Fixed: Search if the user retypes the same value. (#7434, 48001a8)
  • Fixed: Combobox demo. (#9157, ebd5f13)
  • Fixed: Ability to use up/down arrow keys in textareas. (#8911, f5f0879)
  • Fixed: Announce autocomplete correctly in all assistive technologies. (#9631, 0b28d59)
  • Fixed: .replaceWith() fails to replace. (#9172, ff11b69)
  • Fixed: Remote JSONP demo which was using a deprecated web service. (#9764, d4865dc)
  • Fixed: Do not set value on multi-line input. (#9771, 605a20e)
  • Fixed: Fall back to .ui-front searching for empty jQuery objects. (#9755, 2ef1b16)
  • Fixed: Dynamically adding input field breaks auto-complete's accessibility for screen readers. (#9590, 7b9c810)
  • Fixed: Combobox demo shows underlying select by default. (#9158, 4202ad0)
  • Changed: Use custom namespace for combobox demo. (445ffd0)
  • Changed: Don't add anchors to items in generated menu. (e08791d)

link Button

  • Fixed: Properly refresh button sets with new radio buttons. (#8975, 0059722)
  • Fixed: Radio button & checkboxes ignore mouse clicks for minor mouse movements. (#7665, 8b64322)
  • Fixed: Remove ui-state-active class when disabled. (#9602, 23d7d50)
  • Fixed: Remove ui-state-focus class when disabled. (#9169, 0d0b05e)
  • Fixed: On form reset only call refresh() on current button widgets. (#9213, 2de31fd)
  • Fixed: Ignore non-radio elements with the same name. (#8761, ccb1324)
  • Fixed: Replace anchors with more appropriate buttons in demos. (7d0ca5e)

link Datepicker

link Dialog

  • Removed: array and string notations for position option. (#8825, 0cc40d7)
  • Fixed: Error message after close and reopen the modal-form demo doesn't dissappear. (#10057, b41b922)
  • Fixed: Resizing causes close icon to misalign in Firefox. (#9133, ec3cf67)
  • Fixed: Safe activeElement access. (#9420, #8443, 2dfe85d)
  • Fixed: Switch back to shuffling z-index, but only look at .ui-front siblings. (#9166, #9364, e263ebd)
  • Fixed: Inheritance causes undefined property _focusTabbable. (#9241, 1096f19)
  • Fixed: Use unbind() for jQuery 1.6 compat. (#10072, 6c40052)
  • Fixed: Honor preventDefault when managing focus. (#10103, 226cc3e)
  • Fixed: Context is not respected for modals. (#9439, c9815f1)
  • Fixed: Capitalize default value for closeText option. (#9500, e628d0e)
  • Fixed: Use proper position data after drag and resize. (#9351, 16c375d)
  • Fixed: Track last focused element instead of always focusing the first tabbable element. (#9101, 0e5a2e1)
  • Fixed: shift-tab handling. (a0b8476)
  • Fixed: Apply overflow: hidden to contain the resize handles. (#9521, 7741c9f)
  • Fixed: Dialog should not close on enter in textbox in IE. (#9312, c19e7b3)
  • Removed: Requirement to use anchors in menu items. (#10130, 3a61627)
  • Added: items option for better definition of menu items in non parent-child structures. (#10129, 31e705a)
  • Added: _isDivider() method. (#9701, a6806ab)
  • Fixed: Scroll on cursor down doesn't fully show the newly focused item. (#9991, b222803)
  • Fixed: Autofocus issue with dialog opened from menu widget. (#9044, 485e0a0)
  • Fixed: Ensure an event was passed before checking its type. (#9384, 670f650, 8fbdd7c)
  • Fixed: Disabled item visible through submenu on top. (#9650, 4992fc9)
  • Fixed: Refreshing should recheck for menu icons. (#9377, 91b7b9f)
  • Fixed: IE 10 renders bullets in submenus. (#8844, 64a39d9)
  • Fixed: Menu items wiggle in IE8. (#9995, b0e8380)
  • Fixed select not firing every time. (#9469, 484e382)
  • Changed: Simplify styling. Remove rounded corners, reduce spacing. (9910e93)

link Slider

  • Fixed: Use spans instead of anchors for handles. (#9890, dfc5c34)
  • Fixed: Changing range option to false does not remove range div. (#9355, 2ba75e2)
  • Changed: Move numPages into the widget prototype. (8dbda00)

link Spinner

  • Added: isValid() method. (#9542, 1552fc8)
  • Fixed: Only format the value when there is one. (#9573, e6360ab)
  • Fixed: Don't change value when changing min/max options. (#9703, 796a8b3)

link Tabs

  • Removed: Demo with tabs at bottom. (162056b)
  • Fixed: Moved aria-expanded from active panel to active tab. (#9622, f5e8041)
  • Fixed: Incorrect remote tab detection in IE7. (#9317, daf3f0d)
  • Fixed: Disabled tabs are still clickable. (#9413, 4148acf)
  • Fixed: URLs encoded in anything other than UTF-8 will throw an error. (#9518, 8748658)
  • Fixed: Use .ui-tabs-anchor in stylesheet. (2de5e78)
  • Fixed: Refresh issue when tabs are moved to bottom. (#9584, e14f75e)
  • Changed: Moved isLocal() into the widget prototype. (ecd4f95)

link Tooltip

  • Fixed: Improved accessibility by adding content to an aria-live div. (#9610, b9e438d)
  • Fixed: Preserve the title attribute after disabling twice. (#9719, 0dc84db)
  • Fixed: Memory leak from remove event. (#9531, a8ff773)
  • Fixed: On close and destroy only set title if empty or undefined. (#8925, af85dfc)

link Effects

  • Added: Separate files for puff and size effects. (#9277, d0c613d)

link CSS Framework

  • Fixed: Title color not reset in a focused accordion tab. (#9428, 5aa106a)

link Tests

  • Added: Expose jQuery version select. (3651d44)
  • Added: Ability to run specific component tests via Grunt. (9a93a06)
  • Fixed: Skip JSHint in browsers that don't support Function.prototype.bind(). (8eeb0e7)