jQuery UI 1.12.0 Changelog

Released on July 8, 2016

link General

  • Removed: Support for jQuery 1.6.x (#10723)
  • Removed: Support for IE7 (#9838, 6d75893)
  • Removed: Support for IE8, IE9, and IE10. Existing workarounds will be left in place until 1.14.0
  • Deprecated: Buttonset widget; use new Controlgroup widget instead
  • Added: Checkboxradio widget
  • Added: Controlgroup widget
  • Added: Form reset mixin (#12638, ad98cb1)
  • Added: .labels() method as a shim for control.labels (#12475)
  • Added: New demo infrastructure using a require.js bootstrap (#10119, 7336a58)
  • Added: device-width viewport meta to all demos (5cbb419)
  • Added: Support for custom builds of jQuery which exclude event alias and deprecated modules (#12770, 6fd9fc9)
  • Added: Delegate to base _getCreateOptions() in all widgets to support base widget extensions (e19d462)
  • Changed: Split functions out of core into their own files (#9647)

link Build

  • Added: Publish to npm (#11101, ab0bb87)
  • Added: Webpack support (#14375, 6308a26)
  • Fixed: AMD loading doesn't work with minified files (#10674, 47a32fb)
  • Changed: Remove manifest files; move metadata to source files (b5f1ffd)
  • Changed: Move widgets and effects into their own folders (#13885)

link Core & Utilities

link UI Core

  • Removed: .zIndex() (#9156, faf87d9)
  • Removed: .focus( delay ) (#9649, 89ed68f)
  • Added: Methods to work around IE active element bugs (f330278)
  • Added: .labels(), .form(), and $.ui.escapeSelector() methods (803eaf2)
  • Fixed: Remove ancestor visibility requirement from :focusable selector (#14596, 0db243a, d302596)
  • Fixed: Work around more IE activeElement bugs (0de27b0)
  • Fixed: Handle IE11 bug with document.activeElement in iframes (#11539, 76c2755)
  • Fixed: Feature detecting .outerWidth() setter API is expensive (#11197, c077e0a)
  • Fixed: Match on exact node name for :focusable and :tabbable (#10747, c66842b)
  • Fixed: Detect disabled fieldsets for :focusable (#14970, 50d910b)
  • Changed: Move uniqueId into its own module (37602d7)
  • Changed: Move version and creation of the ui namespace into its own module (3d71fb8)
  • Changed: Move data selector from core into its own module (f0260fd)
  • Changed: Move disable-selection into its own module (4916487)
  • Changed: Move focusable into its own module (475ccef)
  • Changed: Move escape selector into its own module (47188b7)
  • Changed: Move form method into its own module (64076ec)
  • Changed: Move $.ui.ie into its own module (677fdbf)
  • Changed: Move labels into its own module (2c92f10)
  • Changed: Move backcompat for core 1.7 into its own module (2d03e12)
  • Changed: Move plugin into its own module (0a9df3a)
  • Changed: Move safeActiveElement into its own module (2b84531)
  • Changed: Move safe blur into its own module (26fc3b5)
  • Changed: Move tabbable into its own module (6064a5e)
  • Changed: Move scrollParent into its own module (72bfafb)
  • Changed: Move keyCode into its own module (bddb7ef)

link Mouse

  • Deprecated: distance and delay options (#10615)
  • Fixed: Don't stop propagation of mouseup (#10818, a1d6920)
  • Fixed: Delay timeout clearing upon mouseup (#14458, 9b82001)
  • Fixed: Ignore mousemove events triggered by key presses in Safari (#14461, 17b5386)

link Position

  • Fixed: Fraction support test doesn't work when loaded outside of head (#9898, 3970e8c)
  • Fixed: Flip collision handling fails in some situations (#8710, ebaaca7, 4de983c)
  • Fixed: Passing window doesn't work with new versions of jQuery (#13493, b3a9b13)

link Widget Factory

  • Added: Support for mixins (#12601, 556b271)
  • Added: classes option and _addClass(), _removeClass(), _toggleClass() methods (#7053, c192d40)
  • Fixed: Call ._setOptionDisabled() on init if the widget is disabled (consistent handling of disabled option on create and update) (#9151, 7dde5c9)

link Interactions

link Draggable

  • Added: classes option (#7053, e9bb449)
  • Fixed: Ensure parent is correct after dragging through sortable (#10669, d8077dc)
  • Fixed: Draggable elements receive an explicit height in Firefox only (10725, d0ea32e)
  • Fixed: Improve detection for when to blur the active element (#12472, #14905, 63c103d)

link Droppable

  • Deprecated: hoverClass and activeClass options; use classes option instead (#12162)
  • Added: classes option (#7053, f58277a)

link Resizable

  • Added: classes option (#7053, 2665aa0)
  • Added: Modified to allow jQuery objects as handles (#9658, 18e301f)
  • Fixed: Correct width when grid approaches zero (#10590, 9493839)
  • Fixed: Don't use CSS shorthand properties with .css() (#7766, 6a681c2)
  • Fixed: Don't round dimensions (0ff7a16)
  • Fixed: alsoResize supports more than one element of a jQuery selection (#4666, 19783fd)
  • Fixed: With helper, dragging horizontally or vertically only reduces opposite direction by 1px (#11113, 7df2f19)
  • Fixed: Remove data for ui-resizable-alsoresize on stop (#14788, 7cc88bf)
  • Fixed: Match on exact node name (#10748, faefab8)
  • Fixed: Top jump with rotated element (89fe04a)
  • Fixed: Changing handles after initialization (#3423, 623b64e)

link Selectable

link Sortable

link Widgets

link Accordion

link Autocomplete

  • Added: classes option (#7053, cff1fb2)
  • Added: Include native dialogs in appendTo logic (ui-front walking) (#10739, dc67037)
  • Fixed: Close the menu on any outside interactions (#6642, 548fbf5)
  • Fixed: Restore focus after clicking a menu item, if necessary (#9201, 581bfb5)
  • Fixed: Use a div instead of a span for the live region (#14587, ce50178)
  • Fixed: Hidden elements with contenteditable are not handled correctly in Chrome (#14917, cbceca7)

link Button

  • Deprecated: icons option; replaced with icon and iconPosition (#14744)
  • Deprecated: Support for toggle buttons; use new Checkboxradio widget (#14746)
  • Deprecated: text option; renamed to showLabel (#8203)
  • Added: Support the HTML5 form attribute (#9973, e77fbe5)
  • Fixed: Remove padding on text element for icon only buttons (#14056, 1f6ea8b)
  • Fixed: Inconsistent focus handling across browsers (#7902)
  • Fixed: Pixel positioning for button widget with radio buttons is incorrect (#8827)
  • Fixed: Use control.labels if available (#9541)
  • Fixed: Minor mouse movements cause state inconsistencies in Firefox (#9990)
  • Fixed: Selecting text causes an inconsistent state (#10726)
  • Fixed: Radio buttons do not have appropriate focus styling (#9505)

link Buttonset

  • Deprecated: Buttonset widget; replaced with Controlgroup (#14747)
  • Fixed: Incorrect button width/alignment in IE8 (#7583)

link Checkboxradio - NEW!

New checkboxradio widget. Check out the checkboxradio documentation for more details.

link Controlgroup - NEW!

New controlgroup widget. Check out the controlgroup documentation for more details.

link Datepicker

link Dialog

  • Deprecated: dialogClass option; use classes option instead (#12161)
  • Added: classes option (#7053, 6f4884f)
  • Fixed: Selectmenu and autocomplete menus are cut off (#10543, 912eb62)
  • Fixed: Removal of event listener for modal dialogs (#13649, 62446d9)
  • Fixed: Escape closeText option before passing it to button (9644e7b)
  • Fixed: Stop tracking instance in destroy() to avoid memory leaks (#11125, ec1f393)
  • Fixed: Dialog with buttons gets smaller every time it is dragged in Chrome 51 (#14978, c770605)
  • Added: classes option (#7053, 2ebef69)
  • Fixed: Use ui-state-active consistently (#10692, 0bbd156)
  • Fixed: Ignore bubbled mouseenter events on parent items (#11641, c770605)
  • Fixed: ui-state-focus styling for submenus (#10162, de2ef2a)
  • Fixed: Remove active class from top-level item when menu is blurred (#14919, 4866e14)
  • Fixed: Check that there is an active item in _activate() (d21aeee)
  • Fixed: Don't reset active element until after triggering blur event (#14945, 57f801f)

link Progressbar

link Selectmenu

link Slider

link Spinner

  • Deprecated: _uiSpinnerHtml() and _buttonHtml() extension points (#11097, d4719bf)
  • Added: classes option (#7053, 28dccda)
  • Fixed: Add padding to input to give consistent visual style (#13997, caf6f2d)

link Tabs

  • Deprecated: ui-tab class; use ui-tabs-tab (#12061, 74ccbc1)
  • Added: classes option (#7053, aaddfbf)
  • Fixed: Use $.ui.escapeSelector() to avoid invalid selectors (1ee8e23)
  • Fixed: Suppress automatic activation when navigating with COMMAND (#9621, 6a242ab)

link Tooltip

  • Deprecated: tooltipClass option; use classes option instead (#12167)
  • Added: classes option (#7053, 9d71547)
  • Added: Accept HTMLElement and jQuery instances for the content option (#9278, 42099e4)
  • Fixed: Does not display in foreground when used in a <dialog> element (#10739, 8cf9879)
  • Fixed: Use show.delay update only when track option is active to reduce CPU usage (#14682, d573232)
  • Fixed: Content cannot contain checked radio button (#11272, 2cef124)
  • Fixed: Does not hide consistently with dynamically loaded content (#8740, c4e367b)
  • Fixed: Re-enabling of delegated tooltips (#14950, 010f5f9)

link Effects

link CSS Framework

  • Fixed: Position of some icons is off by one pixel (712e9ad)
  • Fixed: Disabled elements can still be focused with a click (#10573, 7137c90)
  • Fixed: Improve default theme styling (#10617, #10880, 79c4fa1)
  • Fixed: Change default widget font-size to 1em (#10131, 3002d46)
  • Renamed: ui-icon-carat should be named ui-icon-caret (#10683, 2500bb3)