jQuery UI 1.13.0-rc.2 Changelog

Released on September 3, 2021

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  • Fixed: Handling of visibility: collapse (f5d38e2e0)

link Position

  • Fixed: Make sure of is treated as a CSS selector (effa323f1)
  • Fixed: Increase scrollbar test div to handle larger scrollbars (trac-15106, efb1fee02)

link Resizable

link Sortable

link CSS

  • Removed: CSS for ui-state-checked as it's not used any more (trac-15059, 1b0e947f4)
  • Fixed: Resolve csslint issues with the IE filter property (b15e45a45)
  • Fixed: Don't load the image sprite for 'ui-icon-blank' (43254468d)
  • Fixed: Replace missing definition for default icons (dde9b83df)
  • Fixed: Switch icon background to use bgColorContent (265b8f5e5)
  • Changed: Optimize images (d85c68f6c)
  • Changed: Optimize PNG files with zopflipng (cc37fe76a)

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