jQuery UI 1.13.0-rc.2 Changelog

Released on September 3, 2021

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link Button

  • Fixed: Backcompat when called on collection of mixed elements (#15109, abc9e7ce2)

link Checkboxradio

link Datepicker

  • Added: Add option for onUpdateDatepicker callback (17d115b82, a12c98574)
  • Added: German localization (ddbcc5d29)
  • Fixed: Get selectedDay from data-date instead of element contents (cf938e286)
  • Fixed: Make sure text options are text, shorten HTML strings (#15284, afe20b79a)
  • Fixed: Make sure altField is treated as a CSS selector (32850869d)
  • Fixed: Hungarian localization to use uppercase for first characters (9bb366ef8)
  • Fixed: Current instance memory leak and added unit testcases (817ce3855)
  • Fixed: Typo in currentText in da localization (9c0d83f2e)
  • Fixed: First day of week for pt-PT locale (#15195, 6fdd0e34a)
  • Fixed: Swedish localization (#15142, 032ddc334)
  • Fixed: Prev/next button behavior with showCurrentAtPos (#15102, 17404ced4)
  • Fixed: Traditional Chinese translation (#15060, 129434384)
  • Fixed: Adapt datepicker.js for a11y (b864cd103)

link Dialog

  • Fixed: Broken focus re-triggering in jQuery 3.4/3.5 (834ee5f7c)
  • Fixed: Shared event handler for modal dialogs (#15182, 5708046ea)

link Menu

  • Fixed: Account for scrollbars in jQuery 3.2 (1712b9bbb)
  • Fixed: Ignore mouse events triggered due to page scrolling (#9356, 50efd6e1b)
  • Fixed: Handle mouse movement mixed with keyboard navigation (#9357, 7d992ae29)
  • Fixed: Don't focus dividers when wrapping via keyboard navigation (#15157, a3e953b49)
  • Fixed: Close menus immediately on selection or click outside (#15034, 0d25a36ee)

link Selectmenu

  • Fixed: Don't render options with the hidden attribute (#15098, a2b25ef6c)

link Slider

link Spinner

link Tabs

link Tooltip

  • Fixed: Clear interval for delayed tracking tooltips on remove (#15099, 9a4c05715)

link Interactions

link Droppable

link Focusable

  • Fixed: Handling of visibility: collapse (f5d38e2e0)

link Position

  • Fixed: Make sure of is treated as a CSS selector (effa323f1)
  • Fixed: Increase scrollbar test div to handle larger scrollbars (#15106, efb1fee02)

link Resizable

  • Fixed: CSP violation (style unsafe-inline) (dadde722a)
  • Fixed: Keep user-provided handles on destroy (c426b9a20)
  • Fixed: Keep user defined handles on _setOption (#15084, 278d1e110)
  • Fixed: aspectRatio cannot be changed after initialization. (#4186, c481400f2)

link Sortable

link CSS

  • Removed: CSS for ui-state-checked as it's not used any more (#15059, 1b0e947f4)
  • Fixed: Resolve csslint issues with the IE filter property (b15e45a45)
  • Fixed: Don't load the image sprite for 'ui-icon-blank' (43254468d)
  • Fixed: Replace missing definition for default icons (dde9b83df)
  • Fixed: Switch icon background to use bgColorContent (265b8f5e5)
  • Changed: Optimize images (d85c68f6c)
  • Changed: Optimize PNG files with zopflipng (cc37fe76a)

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