jQuery UI 1.13.1 Changelog

Released on January 20, 2022

link Core & Utilities

link Widget factory

  • Fixed: Optimize attachment of the _untrackClassesElement listener (#2014, 0c5becce0)
  • Fixed: Make contextless widget construction work (#2015, ed637b04d)

link Widgets

link Autocomplete

  • Fixed: Rewrite with a delay instead of appending the live region (#2002, 933ce5d77)

link Tooltip

link Interactions

link Sortable

  • Fixed: Fix positioning when moving a Draggable item into a Sortable (#2001, b52ee4012)
  • Fixed: Allow 0-height containers to be sortable as in 1.12.1 (#1998, efe3b2251)

link Build

  • Changed: Update the bug tracker from bugs.jqueryui.com to GitHub (1f0851b53)
  • Changed: Switch from Travis to GitHub actions (e0a78d440)