jQuery UI 1.13.3 Changelog

Released on April 26, 2024

link Core & Utilities

link UI Core

link Widgets

link Dialog

  • Fixed: Fix IE dialog focus handling with jQuery <3.7 (7adb13ac7)

link Selectmenu

  • Fixed: Fix selecting options following hidden ones via the hidden attribute (#2082, 020828e7f)

link Interactions

link Resizable

link Build

  • Added: Add a maintenance mode info to README (988b73d20)
  • Added: Add a security policy in SECURITY.md (4bae79d53)
  • Added: Align test runner with other repos (4af5caed7), (91df20be6)
  • Fixed: Replace search.php with $.ajaxTransport() mock in demos (604aae1a5)
  • Fixed: Avoid self-closing HTML tags in demos/tests (0977ea1b4)
  • Fixed: remove a duplicated "be" in an accordion demo (4da7a30ff)
  • Changed: Update JS Foundation mentions to OpenJS Foundation (0df6e6583)
  • Changed: Change Node tested versions from 10/16/18 to 10/18/20 (2de8604b6)
  • Changed: Fork vendors to remove QUnit deprecated API usage (546214e86)
  • Changed: Update dependencies, including QUnit 1 -> 2 (f68d655af)
  • Changed: Optimize PNG files in selectmenu demos (827abdfcc)
  • Changed: Better wording for the purposefully broken tab demo (455884470)
  • Changed: Update HTTP URLs to HTTPS (8e34aa615), (4966aea38)
  • Changed: Switch from QUnit.jsDump to QUnit.dump (f36fe9e50)