jQuery UI 1.5.1 Changelog

Released on June 26, 2008

link Interactions

link Draggable

  • Distance option now defaults to 1 instead of 0, allowing for click events (#3016)
  • Fixed issue when placeholder didn't exist (#3018)

link Droppable

  • Disabling droppables does not prevent adding the hoverclass under some circumstances (#3010)

link Resizable

  • Distance option now defaults to 1 instead of 0, allowing for click events (#3016)
  • Fixed exception when using containment: document option (#2988)
  • Renamed autohide option to autoHide (camelCase) for consistency (#2990)
  • Renamed proxy option to helper for consistency (#2996)
  • Fixed issues with alsoResize option

link Selectable

  • Distance option now defaults to 1 instead of 0, allowing for click events (#3016)
  • Resize callback being called too early (before element resized) (#3026)

link Sortable

  • Distance option now defaults to 1 instead of 0, allowing for click events (#3016)
  • Unexpected behavior with sortables, when items contain wrapped lines (#3000)
  • Corrected items callback to receive standard args: event, ui
  • Stop being fired too early (#3019)
  • Placeholder displays above dragged element (#2951)
  • Placeholder positioning issues; hierarchical sortable issues (#2976)
  • Connected lists items are not refreshed until you actually move into the connected list - this improves performance for connected lists
  • Extreme performance increase
  • Fixed serialize issue when a key was specified as option, but no custom expression
  • update callback was not called every time (#3028)

link Widgets

link Accordion

  • Various internal optimizations
  • Consistent parameters for dispatched events and callbacks. (#2340)

link Datepicker

  • Various language file corrections
  • Allow setting of cell title via beforeShowDay
  • Fire event on change of month/year (#2876)
  • onClose bug for ranges in IE; wrapper span bug in IE; remove attribute bug in IE
  • Allow relative dates with multiple periods
  • Next link shows > when hideIfNoPrevNext is true (#2658)
  • Datepicker does not allow manual entry of alphabetic characters (#2700)
  • Date range + restricting allows invalid range (#2724)
  • Date formatting characters can be used within the prev/current/next texts. (#2593)
  • Week row hover styling (#2641)
  • When showing "off page" behaves strangely (#2371)
  • Correct datepicker placement when used in static areas; Correct select coverage in IE 6
  • Split out display date and date value formats (#2038)

link Dialog

  • The opening and closing of a dialog can now be animated with any jQuery UI effects, using two new options: show, hide. Currently no animation options can be supplied, only a string (the name of the effect). This issue is still in progress. (#2358)
  • Added resizeHelper
  • Added dragHelper
  • Corrected context (thisArg) for callbacks: dragStart, drag, dragStop, resizeStart, resize, resizeStop (#3017)
  • Added autoResize option; default value: true (#3025)
  • Fixed buttons so they can be changed after init using .data("buttons.dialog", ... )
  • Fixed stacking problem with modal dialogs.
  • Calling open on an already open dialog no longer causes problems (#3032)

link Slider

  • Bug on destroy (#2987)
  • Range can now be toggled on-the-fly (#3004)

link Tabs

  • Consistent parameters for dispatched events and callbacks. (#2340) Note: This is an API change. The order of parameters for callbacks is different than previous version. Now the first parameter is Event, the second - ui interface object.

link Effects

link Core

link Clip

  • Clip effect should be animating the wrapper
  • Corrected context (thisArg) of callback
  • Fix for clip to better work with images (animates wrapper for images only)

link Fold

  • Allow folding to occur horizontally first

link Scale

  • Easing doesn't work for effects.scale (#2967)

link Transfer

  • Transfer effect transfers to the wrong place in Safari 3.1.1 (#2983)