jQuery UI 1.5.0 Changelog

Released on June 8, 2008

link jQuery Enchant effects suite now part of jQuery UI

  • Can be used standalone without UI core
  • Extends the native jQuery API
  • Advanced easing functions
  • Class transitions (morphing): $("div").addClass("green", "slow")
  • Color animations: Accepts hex, rgb and names

link more than 16 stand-alone effects

  • everything known from script.aculo.us, but highly configurable (blind,bounce,drop,fold,slide,puff ..)
  • brand-new effects: transfer, explode, clip, scale

link New meta structure

  • Brand-new homepage, redefined logo
  • Design by Liferay art director Brian Miller
  • Download builder
  • Real-world and functional demos

link ThemeRoller

  • Rich theming application by Filament Group
  • Create and share your own UI themes
  • Download and bundle them with the UI widgets

link New bugtracker and SVN project

link New features and API changes

  • Hundreds of bugfixes, enhancements and performance improvements with many components completely rewritten
  • Unified API for all plugins (see https://jquery.com/blog/2008/02/12/jquery-ui-15b-new-api-more-features-huge-performance-boost/)
  • New unit tests using a UI event-testing plugin called simulate
  • Exposed defaults for every plugin
  • Retrieve and change individual options during plugin runtime
  • Intelligent plugin cleanup on remove() calls
  • Easier file structure, fewer dependencies
  • jquery.dimensions.js now part of jQuery itself
  • removed the need for *.ext.js files and ui.mouse.js, added a global ui.core.js

link Datepicker

  • Countless new translations
  • Support for right-to-left languages
  • Enhanced date formatting
  • Many new options: showWeeks, calculateWeek, showAnim, onClose and more
  • Added status bar
  • Now allows control characters to be typed (copy/paste)

link Dialog

  • Added stack option (bring dialog to front of other dialogs when given focus)
  • Extended resizable option to accept a list of handles
  • Added modal dialogs (modal/overlay options)
  • Added closeOnEscape option (pressing escape while the dialog has focus will close the dialog)
  • Added bgiframe option (applies bgiframe to dialog; requires bgiframe plugin)
  • Better position support
  • Added autoOpen option

link Draggable

  • non-destrutive drag & drop: can handle fixed, absolute and relative positioned elements, and keeps the setting
  • better option naming: preventionTimeout becomes delay, preventionDistance becomes distance
  • new feature: snapping (snap to other elements, like the Winamp windows)
  • new feature: stack control - let the plugin automatically handle z-indexes
  • new feature: connectToSortable: allows dragging the draggable into a sortable list

link Resizable

  • Added default theme support if the theme is not loaded
  • Support for canvas element
  • Added preventDefault (prevent native browser resize - safari)
  • Added transparent handles option
  • Added knobHandles (option to simulate image cropper styles on the handles)
  • Added grid option (resize on a grid)
  • Added animate option (animated resizing)
  • Added ghost option (creates a ghost of the element while resizing)
  • Added containment option (resize inside a limited area)

link Accordion

  • Renamed option autoheight to autoHeight and changed the default to true
  • Autocreate additional elements required for theme when ui-accordion class isn't present on container element
  • Enhanced navigation-option by adding navigationFilter-option, accepting a custom filter to find the active panel
  • Reduced flexibility in terms of markup, in favor of much smoother animations: There must be exactly one content panel for each header

link Selectable

  • Added start and stop callbacks
  • Improved hit detection so lasso selects item instead of mouse
  • Added autoRefresh option. default: true
  • Added manual refresh method (to be used with autoRefresh: false)
  • Added appendTo option

link Slider

  • new feature: ranges and multiple handles
  • huge accessibility improvements: keyboard control, focussing individual handles
  • new logic: clicking or dragging somewhere other than a handle starts dragging the focussed handle
  • can generate handles now, with every handle having it's individual max/min option
  • new-feature: dual-axis slider, allowing do create widgets like colorpickers

link Sortable

  • Rich interconnectivity
    • Connect multiple sortables and allow sorting two-way or one-way
    • Serialize sorting results to a url string or to arrays
  • Drag draggables into sortable lists, drop sortable items on droppables
  • Improved tolerance
    • Three tolerance modes: "intersect", "pointer" and "guess", defaults to "guess"
    • Now works for all kinds of different sized elements
  • Adds much of the draggable functionality: cursor, zIndex, revert, opacity, axis, handles, containment and scrolling
  • Introduces more callbacks: over/out, activate/deactivate and remove/receive
  • Better control the placeholder: insert object with element and update callbacks to do what you want

link Tabs

  • all things zero-based for consistency
  • show callback is now called on initialization
  • set selected tab via selected option
  • set all tabs unselected via selected: null instead of another redundant option
  • simplified effects options - one fx option (which mirrors jQuery’s default animate options) instead of a bunch of others to remember.