jQuery UI 1.7.1 Changelog

Released on March 18, 2009

link General

This is a maintenance release for jQuery UI 1.7. It changes only the plugins listed below. No changes to effects or themes.

link Interactions

link Droppable

  • Fixed: Droppable: option accept setter .droppable('option', 'accept', selector) fails (#4278)

link Resizable

  • Fixed: Resizable with containment boundary - aspectRatio breaks (#4199)

link Selectable

  • Fixed: Selectable: option appendTo is ignored, helper always appends to body (#4341)

link Widgets

link Accordion

  • Fixed: Accordion requires theme CSS to function in IE (#4331)

link Datepicker

  • Fixed: Datepicker: Update Romanian Localization (#4294)
  • Fixed: Datepicker: Update Ukrainian Localization (#4298)
  • Fixed: Datepicker: destroy, disable, and enable methods affect sibling datepickers (#4240)
  • Fixed: Datepicker: Update Albanian Localization (#4313)

link Slider

  • Fixed: Slider: ui.value incorrect in slide event if handle at value 0 (#4292)
  • Fixed: Slider: clicking on slider with negative values causes error 'closestHandle is undefined' (#4315)
  • Fixed: Slider: method destroy does not remove ui-slider-range (#4318)

link Website

link Download builder

  • Fixed: Invalid archive file from download builder (#4010)
  • Fixed: Generated styles are repeated many many times (#4296)

link Demos & Documents

  • Added: Show/Hide code examples switcher