jQuery UI 1.8.16 Changelog

Released on August 15, 2011

link Core & Utilities

link Mouse

link Widget Factory

  • Fixed: jQuery.data throws a script error in certain circumstances. (#7510, c7c5b6b)

link Interactions

link Draggable

  • Fixed: iframeFix always runs with old versions of jQuery. (#7632, 930c650)

link Droppable

  • Fixed: Droppable fails on a.element.parentsuntil. (#7530, 7b3e6a8)

link Widgets

link Button

  • Fixed: Button label selector omits quotes / fails for ids with ":". (#7534, 07d5271)

link Datepicker

  • Added: Ability to stop datepicker from appearing with beforeShow event handler. (#7602, 1b5af10)
  • Fixed: DatePicker reappears after selection in ie8. (#7623, 7c15d3c)
  • Fixed: onSelect triggered too often. (#7618, 3e98e73)
  • Fixed: "Maximum call stack size exceeded" when selecting date in range demo. (#7629, 3e98e73)

link Dialog

  • Fixed: Pressing ESC on dialog when 2 dialogs are open closes both dialogs. (#6966, abf97f7)

link Effects

  • Fixed: Wrapper-creating jquery-ui animations will discard any focus state during the animation. (#7595, 82df692)

link Website

  • Fixed: XSS jqueryui.com/demos. (#7616)