jQuery UI 1.8.17 Changelog

Released on November 29, 2011

link Build

  • Added: Switching to uglify.js instead of closure compilier. (eee4db7)

link Core & Utilities

link Position

  • Fixed: Revisit solution for off-by-1 errors. (#7255, bfbc0b1)

link Interactions

link Droppable

  • Fixed: Parent droppable takes precedence over dynamically created child droppable. (#6085, #6009, f7b28df)
  • Fixed: Droppable event target changes under jQuery 1.7. (#7852, aa4e8ab)

link Selectable

  • Fixed: new elements added programatically don't have class ui-selectee. (#7716, e9002c4)
  • Fixed: ctrl-click to select multiple elements not working. (#7858, ffd3f51)

link Sortable

  • Fixed: ui.sortable is not working when it is extended. (#7741, 5c6cfe2)

link Widgets

link Accordion

  • Fixed: Problem with accordion slide animation fixed width calculation. (#7238, 9a87c1a)

link Autocomplete

  • Fixed: long text wraps in Firefox. (#7513, 757384b)
  • Fixed: Autocomplete-enabled text input does not keep value when using back button in browser. (#7790, b41873b)

link Button

  • Fixed: Incorrect corners for disconnected elements. (#7697, 000b173)

link Datepicker

link Progressbar

  • Fixed: Value div can flow out of wrapper div. (#7743, db1e73e)

link Tabs

  • Fixed: (Docs) Fix for keeping links in tabs is incomplete. (#7232)

link CSS Framework

  • Fixed: Clearfix breaks after runs through YUI Compressor. (#7838, 6f6e2de)

link Demos

  • Fixed: Demo accordion hoverintent: hover instead of hoverintent behavior with jQuery 1.7.0. (#7871, 0a6ce1f)