jQuery UI 1.8.18 Changelog

Released on February 20, 2012

link Core & Utilities

link UI Core

  • Fixed: minHeight support test affects page layout in IE 9. (#8026, 9e4455f)

link Position

  • Fixed: There is a reference to the global jQuery variable. (#8029, e2a2112)
  • Fixed: Position documentation doesn't state default values. (#7946)

link Interactions

link Draggable

link Resizable

  • Fixed: ui.dialog & resizable & button & opera 11. (#6763, 28fb436)

link Sortable

  • Fixed: Sortable "Connect Lists" demo doesn't allow dropping as last element. (#8114, fff9d87)
  • Fixed: a major optimization is possible in sortable(). (#4759, b00faa9)
  • Fixed: .sortable() after destroy does not work. (#8094, 988b803)
  • Fixed: cursorAt Documentation in error. (#8103)

link Widgets

link Accordion

  • Fixed: Hoverintent demo throws an error in IE. (#6028, 5d4df03)
  • Fixed: Accordion + Sortable doesn't work properly on IE6/7. (#5413, e77249e)

link Autocomplete

  • Fixed: Autocomplete fails when context option is set with ajaxSetup. (#7490, fc6d6e1)
  • Fixed: Documentation should mention user-code filtering. (#8123)

link Button

  • Fixed: icon only button in dialog causes horizontal scrollbar in Opera. (#7911, 005709f)
  • Fixed: Getting unset disabled option on button widget returns jQuery object, not default value. (#8028, f7f13b5)

link Datepicker

  • Added: Hindi localization (#8118, b87a0a3)
  • Added: Khmer localization. (#8116, d62d000)
  • Fixed: Hebrew and Arabic: Instead of the month name indicates the month number! (#6051, 2866894)
  • Fixed: Some issues on the Korean translation. (#8010, 5953d19)
  • Fixed: Macedonian locale has incorrect date format. (#8040, 40d9a19)
  • Fixed: multiple DatePickers won't trigger close event. (#5818, 120ee58)
  • Fixed: Closing the datepicker via the provided button does not work in Chrome when the button contains other non-text elements. (#8107, dc12b4d)
  • Fixed: Dialog not closing on second trigger if opened using image. (#8011, 120ee58)

link Dialog

  • Fixed: Spelling mistake in documentation - option resizable. (#7939)

link Slider

  • Fixed: Key handling should prevent scrolling. (#8109, 4700302)

link Tabs

  • Fixed: Documentation for jquery.ui.tabs remove method is incomplete. (#7931)

link Demos

  • Fixed: Demos fail from local file:// in Firefox 9 - bad tags, bad calls in demo sources. (#8069, 69daf17)

link Tests

  • Fixed: Simulate mouse events broken for IE 9. (#7324, 0b7155f)
  • Fixed: Safari: jQuery.simulate() doesn't set "which" field for key events. (#3229, 2e1da90)