jQuery UI 1.8.2 Changelog

Released on May 20, 2010

link Build

  • Fixed: error - invalid increment operand. (#5576, fcbf4c0)

link Core & Utilities

link UI Core

  • Added: COMMAND/COMMAND_LEFT/WINDOWS, COMMAND_RIGHT/MENU key codes. (#5542, 3570c1f)
  • Fixed: Better detection of when core is loaded twice. (#5636, afaa035)

link Interactions

link Selectable

link Sortable

link Widgets

link Accordion

  • Fixed: Comparing element.nodeName directly against upper case tag names can cause problems. (#5557, 0aa4c7f)

link Autocomplete

  • Fixed: Changed cache demo to cache all results. (#5398, e087e7d)
  • Fixed: Ignore command (left and right/menu/windows), insert, caps lock, home, end keys. (#5415, cb7eb69)
  • Fixed: Prevent autocomplete-menu from closing when clicking 'slowly', eg. a long mousedown. (#5405, fc093e9)

link Button

  • Fixed: Mission semicolon on line 5368 (#5536, 02c3295)
  • Fixed: Remove previous text/icon classes when updating buttons. (#5567, 01ad6ce)

link Datepicker

link Slider

  • Fixed: Slider displays negative fractional values incorrectly. (#5583, 34912bc)
  • Fixed: Slider can go outside min and max with keyboard (#5591, 114c001)

link Documentation

  • Fixed: Error in jQuery Widget example under UI Developer Docs. (#5618)
  • Fixed: Selectable: documentation of event types is incorrect (#5590)

link Demos

  • Fixed: Autocomplete cache demo caches all results. (#5398, e087e7d)
  • Fixed: Don't include transfer affect in Show/Hide/Toggle demos. (888725a)