jQuery UI 1.8.4 Changelog

Released on August 5, 2010

Because of the short lifespan of jQuery UI 1.8.3, this changelog includes all changes made in 1.8.3 and 1.8.4.

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  • Removed: googlecdn target from default target, as that requires themes-target to run first, which requires updated downloadbuilder (0bfbd7a)
  • Added: automate theme downloading, first draft (4c3899c)
  • Added: create themes.zip as part of themes-download target (a8311f9)
  • Fixed: Download docs directly to dist folder (4069642)
  • Fixed: all zips should contain folder at root named same as zip (#5759, 3824f75)
  • Fixed: themes zip named incorrectly (#5760, 496b408)
  • Fixed: sometimes headered files aren't copied to minified directory (#5904, b242a57)

link Core & Utilities

link UI Core

  • Added: .outerWidth(), .outerHeight(), .innerWidth(), .innerHeight() setters. (#5850, 4deb824)
  • Fixed: $.fn.remove does not trigger remove event for <select>s (#5743, 89c0961)
  • Partially Fixed: :focusable and :tabbable are broken with jQuery 1.3.2. (#4488, fe13fba, 3f070bd)

link Widget Factory

  • Fixed: Use $.data instead of .data for performance reasons (#5756, b3940d2)
  • Fixed: Using inheritance overwrites the base classes options. (#5830, f24bc0f)

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link Selectable

  • Fixed: Selectable helper has z-index hard coded (#4475, a90e195)
  • Fixed: Selectable docs: .bind("selected") should be .bind("selectableselected") (#5593)

link Sortable

  • Fixed: sortable("serialize", {key: "foo[]"}) returns an empty string for an empty list (#5794, 9d01ab5)

link Widgets

link Accordion

  • Added: support multiple events being set at the same time (#3614, a3ab2b2)
  • Added: Use .addClass() instead of .toggleClass() during init so the classes can be added by the user. (f448c79)
  • Fixed: Disabled accordion doesn't look disabled in IE. (#5332, c71e63c)
  • Fixed: Jumpy animation when opening a panel after closing all. (#5540, e895d86)
  • Fixed: Accordion display problems in IE6/7 on panel close. (#4615, 936a9a6)
  • Fixed: Accordion headers still show rollover when disabled. (#5330, 551bf6e)
  • Fixed: autoHeight resize not working. (#5406, ba387ce)
  • Fixed: Navigation parameter can open multiple sections. (#4889, 2bf91e8)
  • Fixed: Long links create line breaks in IE. (#4662, 66659a1)
  • Fixed: Accordion active property inaccurate if nested accordion is present. (#5841, f99068b)
  • Fixed: Accordion should only manipulate Icons that are children of ui-accordion-header (#4645, 06f721b)
  • Fixed: IE 8 function undefined() - Out of Stack Space (#5434, 21aad10)

link Autocomplete

  • Added: add appendTo option. (#5836, 74e0d4f)
  • Added: document and demo a scrolling menu. (#5815, 5e3755a)
  • Added: Support for accent-folding. (#5219, 5debdb0)
  • Added: position option. (#5153, 612838a)
  • Fixed: autocomplete triggered when field copied with ctrl-c. (#5716, 2ed96cb)
  • Fixed: combobox demo does not accept valid values. (#5605, 5d1e297)
  • Fixed: combobox demo: Set intial value of text field based on value of select element. (#5757, 123467a)
  • Fixed: combobox demo doesn't remove invalid values. (#5453, c2c09e8)
  • Fixed: Cursor jumps to beginning on select. (#5639, 53489b5)
  • Fixed: Prevent the default behavior of pressing enter when the menu is open, even if no item is active. (#5757, e85615f)
  • Fixed: Inconsistent default styling while loading results. (#5385, fe71d5d)
  • Fixed: suggestions are not html-encoded. (#5275, 1f2cfb9)
  • Fixed: Autocomplete widget keeps looking for remote data even when it's disabled. (#5619, 90caa93)
  • Fixed: Updated escapeRegex utility based on http://xregexp.com/xregexp.js (0bbbe5f)
  • Fixed: menu has incorrect width. (#5832, 325a262)
  • Fixed: wrong menu size calculation in webkit browsers (Autocomplete). (#5691, a090faa)
  • Fixed: Issue when try to navigate using up key by keyboard in IE6. (#5528, 5311fe2)
  • Fixed: Combobox/Autocomplete doesn't save value unless control loses focus (#5640, ba091650)
  • Fixed: Image missing when downloading autocomplete: ui-anim_basic_16x16.gif (#5432, fe71d5d)
  • Fixed: Change event for Autocomplete Combobox does not work in IE7 (#5775, ba091650)
  • Fixed: Autocomplete doesn't close after scrolling (#5903, de266a1)
  • Fixed: mousing over menu option replaces text box contents, moves caret (#5900, ed07f0a)

link Button

  • Fixed: specifying only a secondary icon for the button widget locates the icon on the left (#5382, 202ddd0)
  • Fixed: Buttonset and applet error. (#5810, 70481d9)

link Datepicker

  • Fixed: Error in datepicker translation for pt-BR. (#5363, ba749ba)
  • Fixed: Typo in Calendar localization demo. (#5859, dde27da)
  • Fixed: DatePicker Dialog defaultDate incorrect behaviour (#5676, eb13c01)
  • Fixed: inconsistent behavior in IE when click to close month and year drop-downs (#5897, 85b8816)

link Dialog

  • Added: Dialog: expose .position() API (#5459, 6de9a53)
  • Fixed: Remove reference to obsolete overlay option in demo. (9241757)
  • Fixed: Accordion overflow breaks when displayed inside a dialog on Internet Explorer. (#4319, cdd6161)
  • Fixed: Setting Dialog height shorter after init hides button pane (#4846, f560862)
  • Fixed: On open, the first tabbable element inside the dialog was never being focused in favor of the dialog container. (#5767, 64d90b4)
  • Fixed: bad reference to bgiframe in demo. (594b7f5)
  • Fixed: dialog width should be at least minWidth on creation. (#5531, c5770c0)
  • Fixed: size inconsistency with button widgets and dialog box buttons. (#5779, 60dc674)
  • Fixed: Form field with name="title" moved to title area. (#5742, 2c7a9e9)
  • Fixed: dialog buttons are accessed in wrong order using tab. (#4529, 61e0aea)

link Progressbar

link Slider

  • Fixed: Redundant call to _normValueFromMouse (#5796, 92b7722)

link Tabs

  • Added: have option to remove tab by href content, not just by index. (#3171, fde8c64)

link Effects

  • Fixed: hide and show called with ommiting the options in parameters does not call the callback (#5731, 4be0942, 1417487)

link CSS Framework

link Demos

  • Fixed: Added position plugin to demo pages that use dialogs. (d7fa82b)
  • Fixed: Demo for color animation doesn't work (#5858)