jQuery UI 1.8.5 Changelog

Released on September 10, 2010

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  • Added: Throw error for non-existent method calls and method calls on uninitialized plugins. (#5972, 1e28040)
  • Fixed: Auto-destroy is broken in jQuery 1.4. (#6008, 0a0a39f)

link Position

  • Added: Combine horizontalDefault and verticalDefault to one variable - possibly named center. (#5964, 2acfde9)
  • Fixed: Flip collision handling is wrong in some cases. (#5932, 7692b6e)
  • Fixed: Option 'of' accepts jQuery object unless it wraps document. (#5963, 52a052b)
  • Fixed: Collision should take margin into account. (#5766, 4b9d5d1)

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  • Fixed: Scrolling with the keyboard sometimes does not show the item (Chrome) (#5923, 3af1f6c)
  • Fixed: Search not triggered if the first letter is the same as the first letter of a previous erased content (#5922, 9a4eecd)
  • Fixed: Race condition causes incorrect suggestions. (#5982, f115b48)
  • Fixed: Home and End keys trigger search (#5591, dea2f8a)

link Button

  • Added: Read disabled option from input elements. (#5252, 2838c11)
  • Fixed: Buttonset should ignore buttons that are not :visible. (#5946, 9060bf3)

link Datepicker

  • Added: Kazakhstan localization for ui.datepicker. (#5924, 2398f6d)
  • Added: parseDate is case insensitive. (#6036, 590e03c)

link Dialog

  • Added: Enhanced Button Option. (#4344, 95a3459)
  • Fixed: onclick return value ignored. (#3523, af9864d)
  • Fixed: minHeight isn't properly handled on init in IE6. (#6027, 52e543a)
  • Fixed: _isOpen flag should be set before triggering open event. (#6012, de02aa3)
  • Fixed: When using the title attribute, the title option should be updated. (#5877, 79ee6f0)

link Tabs

  • Fixed: Title attribute for remote tabs does not support foreign languages. (#4581, 78540e2)
  • Fixed: Tabs with an empty href are enabled in IE6/7. (#5755, 1b31765) Added: Ability to contain sublists. (#5893, 03eea0e)
  • Fixed: Occassionally displays multiple tabs when clicked with rotate control using opacity toggle fx. (#4771, 8f22b2b)

link Effects

  • Fixed: show() function broken with "normal" speed (#5456, 2b9d684)

link Documentation

  • Fixed: Getting Started page has old (broken) download link. (#6034)

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link Download Builder

  • Fixed: Missing fade effect (#5711)