jQuery UI 1.8.6 Changelog

Released on October 25, 2010

link Build

  • Added: Minify CSS (#5824, af582b9)
  • Added: Use LC_ALL='C' when sorting. (2d70587)
  • Added: Zip file for MS cdn to cdn target (was: googlecdn target) (bcde38d)
  • Fixed: @VERSION not replaced in CSS files (#6191, 25853be)

link Core & Utilities

link UI Core

  • Fixed: outerWidth() setter broken with jQuery 1.3.2. (#6196, 72985fb)
  • Fixed: disableSelection() disables select elements in Chrome. (#6080, 47e312b)

link Mouse

link Widget Factory

link Position

  • Fixed: Broken menu in IE8 Standards Mode when including prototype framework. (#6201, eab0a6d)
  • Fixed: Option 'of' can be other than type selector, undocumented. (#5962)

link Interactions

link Draggable

  • Fixed: Confusing documentation for draggable cursorAt option. (#4879)

link Selectable

link Widgets

link Accordion

  • Fixed: 1.8.5 not fully compatible with core 1.3.2. (#6084, 9e19747)

link Autocomplete

  • Added: Pass along some more original events. (da13ea2)
  • Added: Split menu resizing logic into its own method to create a more logical method to proxy for custom sizing. (a0c8564)
  • Fixed: Custom item can be activated (and result in error) on PageUp/PageDown key click. (#6029, dda7bcb)
  • Fixed: Doesn't reset after Select when textbox cleared, if same letters typed in rapidly; source function not triggered in that case. (#6221, 5c67ed2)
  • Fixed: Autocomplete pops up on readOnly inputs. (#6170, 450d030)
  • Fixed: Change event does not fire in IE. (#6109, 0ccc786)
  • Fixed: Errors on empty responses. (#6147, a5c1195)
  • Fixed: Allow default behaviour on enter when menu is open but inactive. (#6038, adcafce)
  • Fixed: Selecting an item by pressing enter submits the form in Opera. (#6055, c3b282f)
  • Fixed: Suggestion list does not close properly. (#6052, d380099)

link Button

link Datepicker

  • Added: Galician localization. (#6079, f04a25f)
  • Added: Portuguese localization. (#6102, 23b569f)
  • Fixed: Datepicker breaks on handler ids with dashes. (#6154, 66346d0)
  • Fixed: Incorrect weekHeader for Russian localization. (#6100, 7da6624)
  • Fixed: Showing multiple months highlights selected day in all of them. (#5984, a936eb3)

link Dialog

  • Added: Batch size-related option settings. (e8e3168)
  • Fixed: Demo of modal form broken. (#6074, 82b1595)
  • Fixed: Dialog windows 1.8.5 draggable problem. (#6069, 98a98a0)
  • Fixed: dialog('open') causes form elements to reset on IE7. (#6137, e66cdfc)
  • Fixed: Modal dialog not retaining radio button selection. (#4589, e66cdfc)
  • Fixed: Dialog causing iframe to reload content every time 'show' is called. (#4534, e66cdfc)
  • Fixed: Dialog height:auto does not work in IE6. (#6150, 302728b)
  • Fixed: Buttons are not type="button". (#6128, cd7f10d)
  • Fixed: Demos don't work in IE9 because of bgiframe. (#6190, 7d9d2b5)
  • Fixed: Dialog breaks with $.fx.off. (#6131, 3b38025)
  • Fixed: Dialog show/hide animations do not work. (#6067, ce08df3)

link Progressbar

link Tabs

  • Fixed: Incorrect selection of tab on init with hash in url and misordered divs (#6125, c3145b6)

link Effects

  • Added: Allow borderColor to be animated. (#6164, 09073f0)
  • Fixed: Passing an object for parameters no longer works. (#6078, ce08df3)

link Website

link Download Builder

  • Fixed: Selectable interaction is not minified. (#5854)