jQuery UI 1.8.7 Changelog

Released on December 8, 2010

link Build

  • Fixed: Regex for relative path replacement on cdn target (ba28d11)
  • Fixed: Minified css does not @include minified css files. (#6634, 812c274)

link Core & Utilities

link Position

  • Fixed: Sometimes positioning is off by 1px in Firefox. (#6000, c667cff)

link Interactions

link Draggable

  • Fixed: Issue with containment on position:* Fixed elements. (#6181, e01664a)

link Sortable

  • Fixed: Link event firing on sortable with connect list (#4752, e2a693b)

link Widgets

link Autocomplete

  • Fixed: Horizontal scrollbar on IE7. (#6250, 53215de, 5431a45)
  • Fixed: Combobox example does not show suggestion on second try. (#6695, ddb4694)
  • Fixed: Tab on multiple Autocomplete should not change focus after selecting. (#6661, 4637695)
  • Fixed: ui-autocomplete-loading class not removed when Ajax request times out. (#6692, 40135bb)
  • Fixed: menu position issue when positioned to the right. (#6648, f85b998)
  • Fixed: Don't trigger close event until after the menu is hidden. (#6227, f4d8ec9)
  • Fixed: Null ui.item on change event in IE8. (#6709, eac910f)
  • Fixed: Combobox is not working in IE if value and name is different. (#6673, ddf5946)
  • Fixed: Combobox doesn't handle destroy. (#6685, d97add1)

link Button

  • Added: Option for specifying which items to convert to buttons. (#6262, 5dad57e)
  • Fixed: Buttonset not applying ui-corner to invisible elements. (#6262, 5dad57e)

link Datepicker

link Dialog

  • Fixed: Adding a button makes the dialog disappear in IE6. (#6717, b9e34f7)
  • Fixed: Closing UI dialog when z-index is not defined in any .ui-dialog class, causes NaN to be used as Z-index, throwing an error. (#5955, #4652, 8bb412d)
  • Fixed: Missing element not found check in overlay code. (#6645, dfb3544)
  • Fixed: ui.dialog with jQuery 1.3.2 causes RangeError. (#6030, 22671ad)

link Progressbar

link Slider

  • Fixed: Using range and step options makes jQuery change min and max. (#6643, 0d0969c)
  • Fixed: Handle jumps a few pixels when clicked. (#4467, 0c3e56d)

link Tabs

  • Fixed: Tabs module uses global selectors instead of local to "this.element" element. (#6710, 63ec115)

link Effects

link Individual effects

  • Fixed: Slide effect is jumpy with certain parameter combinations. (#6637, 412d1aa)

link CSS Framework

  • Fixed: ui-helper-hidden-accessible affects page layout. (#4623, a9d8549)

link Website

link Download Builder

  • Fixed: Issue with UI theme dropdown on the jQuery UI download page (#6735)