jQuery UI 1.8.8 Changelog

Released on January 13, 2011

link Core & Utilities

link Position

  • Fixed: Collision detection fails on the right side in Internet Explorer. (#6812, ca46a3a)

link Widgets

link Accordion

link Autocomplete

  • Fixed: The combobox "show all" button submits forms. (#6755, ffc0855)
  • Fixed: Menu may still render when autocomplete is disabled. (#6752, d2a12ff)
  • Fixed: Loading class removed when multiple Ajax requests occur. (#6761, 2aabc39)
  • Fixed: Improve autocomplete _render documentation. (#6772)

link Datepicker

link Dialog

  • Fixed: Typesetting on title bar is inconsistent with other widget title bars/headers. (#6832, 1f0fd61)

link Effects

link Individual effects

  • Fixed: Bug in slide effect when dir=rtl and has position.right. (#6736, b475ae7)

link Website

  • Fixed: Side navigation links on the Getting Started page do not work. (#6778)