jQuery UI 1.8a2 Changelog

Released on December 29, 2009

This release adds one new effect: Fade. It also changed the name of all source files to be consistent with the standard naming convention of other jQuery plugins.

link Build

  • Fixed: Build on non-Windows platforms. (#4973) (#4896)

link Core

  • Split widget factory into its own file: jquery.ui.widget.js.
  • Split mouse plugin into its own file: jquery.ui.mouse.js.
  • Added: Multiple option hashes can now be passed on init. (#4784)
  • Fixed: Interaction plugins don't disable text selection in IE. (#4773)

link Interactions

link Draggable

  • Added: ui hash in events now contains originalPosition. (#3782)
  • Changed: stack option to accept a selector instead of a hash. (#4375)
  • Fixed: Draggable doesn't cause the page to scroll to top of the document anymore. (#4934)
  • Fixed: scope option works when no droppables exist. (#4289)
  • Fixed: start callback contains offset and position in ui hash. (#4380)
  • Fixed: Draggable can be destroyed immediately after drop. (#4239) (#4550)

link Droppable

  • Fixed: greedy option stops propagation of events. (#4570)

link Sortable

  • Added: ui hash in events now contains originalPosition. (#4797)
  • Removed: ui hash in events no longer contains absolutePosition. (#3991)
  • Fixed: Serializing no longer contains the placeholder. (#4138)
  • Fixed: Documentation for revert option. (#4657)
  • Fixed: Restore original opacity. (#4165)

link Widgets

link Accordion

  • Removed: alwaysOpen option in favor of collapsible option. (#4030)

link Datepicker

  • Added: UK localization. (#4895)
  • Added: DA localization. (#4930)
  • Added: Bosnian localization. (#4987)
  • Added: Documentation for localization. (#4790)
  • Added: yearRange option supports absolute and relative ranges. (#4775) (#4870)
  • Fixed: Keyboard selection of dates in the future. (#4917)
  • Fixed: Proper alignment of dates with showOtherMonths option set to true. (#4762)
  • Fixed: Double clicking on next/previous buttons no longer closes the datepicker. (#4949)
  • Fixed: Proper alignment of month and year dropdowns with showMonthAfterYear option set to true. (#4420)
  • Fixed: Datepicker now works with multiple versions of jQuery on the same page. (#4704)
  • Fixed: Default action of tab key is no longer prevented. (#4885)
  • Fixed: Animation control. (#4787)
  • Fixed: Undefined function lookAhead(). (#4956)
  • Fixed: Element names can now contain special characters. (#4969)
  • Fixed: Datepicker works in IE again. (#4774)
  • Fixed: Added yearSuffix for Chinese/Korean localization. (#4793)

link Dialog

  • Added: Support for fixed positioning. (#2848)
  • Fixed: title option now works properly in XHTML documents. (#4970)
  • Fixed: Positioning of modal dialogs in Opera. (#4769)
  • Added: Documentation for closeText option. (#4887)
  • Fixed: Settings resizable option to false after init toggles resizable. (#4826)
  • Fixed: Styling in form validation demo. (#4808)

link Slider

  • Added: Handling for page up and page down. (#3096)
  • Fixed: Updating values option affects the slider. (#4522)
  • Added: Slider animation via programatic value change. (#4659) (#4432)

link Tabs

  • Added: More flexible markup allowed. (#4877) (#4501) (#4506)
  • Added: Demo with tabs at bottom. (#4785)
  • Removed: deselectable option in favor of collapsible option. (#4031)
  • Fixed: All tabs have the ui-state-default class. (#4815)
  • Fixed: Added support for jQuery 1.4. (#4916)

link Effects

link Core

link Individual effects

  • Added: Fade effect. (#4896)
  • Fixed: Pulsate now pulses the proper number of times regardless of effect mode.(#4718)