jQuery UI 1.8b1 Changelog

Released on January 20, 2010

  • jQuery 1.4
  • New widget factory that is not backward compatible with the old widget factory.
  • Two new plugins: button and autocomplete.
  • Removed the stackfix plugin, in favor of reverting back to the bgiframe plugin.

link Build

  • Fixed: Build includes @import and full CSS. (#5044)

link Widget Factory

  • Added: widget method to get the outermost element of a plugin. (#4913)
  • Added: The option method now returns the full options hash when called with no parameters. (#5020)
  • Added: Widget factory now adds disabled classes to outermost element instead of main element. (#5028)
  • Added: Re-instantiating plugins without destroying is now allowed. (#5064)
  • Fixed: Widget factory does not unbind all events. (#5005)
  • Fixed: Using effects with jQuery 1.4 kills widget instances. (#5076)

link Position

  • Fixed: Changed by option to using option to match jQuery 1.4's offset method. (#5030)
  • Fixed: Including the position plugin twice was causing a stack overflow. (#5041)

link Widgets

  • Fixed: Always use bgiframe when available. (#5071)

link Accordion

  • Fixed: Some demos do not work. (#5046)
  • Fixed: Animated accordions sometimes fail in IE. (#4382)

link Datepicker

  • Fixed: Next button doesn't display with multiple months in one column. (#5022)
  • Fixed: onChangeMonthYear fires at first run. (#4804)
  • Fixed: Don't reset dates on instantiation. (#4869)
  • Fixed: Proper comparison against minDate and maxDate. (#5026)

link Dialog

  • Added: Support for button plugin.

link Slider

  • Fixed: Range background shifts around as range size changes. (#5035)

link Tabs

  • Fixed: Selected option returns wrong value. (#4960)