jQuery UI 1.8rc1 Changelog

Released on January 27, 2010

link Widgets

link Button

  • Added: Add ui-state-focus on focus, making keyboard navigation possible, and button like 200% more accessible.
  • Added: Add ui-state-active on keydown, further improving keyboard navigation.
  • Fixed: handle space "click".
  • Fixed: Don't log a click on disabled buttons.

link Datepicker

  • Fixed: Set focus error in IE8 for disabled and hidden elements. (#5052)
  • Fixed: Date picker localization in RO. (#5088)
  • Fixed: Bug in findPos for RTL languages. (#5085)
  • Fixed: Use null instead of empty string when showing/hiding without a duration. (#5086)

link Dialog

  • Deprecated: beforeclose option instead of removing it. (#4669)
  • Fixed: Added padding and margin to the right side of the titlebar so the title doesn't go behind the close icon. (#5087)

link Interactions

link Droppable

  • Fixed: Droppable body let revert a div on a valid drop. (#5095)

link Resizable

  • Fixed: 2 dialogs pos false on close. (#5084)

link Selectable

  • Fixed: destroy method doesn't clean up selectees. (#5094)

link Miscellaneous

  • Added: Switched to jQuery 1.4.1.
  • Removed: Firefox 2 ARIA support.