jQuery UI 1.9.0 Changelog

Released on October 5, 2012

link General

link Build

  • Added: Grunt build system.
  • Fixed: Cannot build on Windows. (#8085)

link Core & Utilities

link UI Core

  • Deprecated: .disableSelection() and .enableSelection(). (#7755, c343598)
  • Deprecated: $.ui.contains(). (#5000, 9681b1f)
  • Added: .uniqueId() and .removeUniqueId(). (#8361, 40e47c0)
  • Fixed: Incorrect UI keyCodes.
  • Fixed: Optimize :tabbable (#7257, fe3b36b)

link Widget Factory

  • Deprecated: Use of metadata plugin. (#7191, c6e7e3f)
  • Deprecated: widgetBaseClass property; renamed to widgetFullName. (#8154, 1b80154)
  • Added: Ability to generate an item if no item is passed on creation. (#8473, 3a0b617)
  • Added: $.widget.extend() which does deep extending, but only on plain objects. (#7718, b915325)
  • Added: Added _on() and _off(). (#5207, 659db70, 9608e98, ff39bed)
  • Added: Ability to provide event data for create event. (#8045, da89fcb)
  • Added: _super() and _superApply() for easy access to parent methods. (#6861, 25dae41)
  • Added: Extend .option() to get partial nested options. (#7459, 3dea8f1)
  • Added: Extend .option() to set partial nested options. (#7035, 6fc98de)
  • Added: document and window properties. (#7801, a0856ef)
  • Added: Allow non-DOM based widget. (#6895, cc90b44)
  • Added: Allow redefining a widget to create extensions. (#6937, ee88a56)
  • Added: Methods to abstract focus and hover classes. (#3673, 711df1f, 17004b9)
  • Added: Improved API for direct instantiation. (#6891, 3a0b617, 244eebe, bc71499, 29bfb86)
  • Added: _delay() method. (#8470, 2a6ca3f)
  • Fixed: Throw error for non-existent method calls. (#5972, 9ad2a4b)
  • Fixed: Remove need to call base destroy method. (#5056, ef1202d)
  • Fixed: Attempt to access private member of widget returns jQuery object. (#6947, c94ec23)
  • Fixed: Create lowercase pseudo selectors. (#8433, a79d09a)
  • Fixed: Make the widget method maintain the stack. (#5732, f772240)
  • Fixed: _trigger() passes array arguments to handlers inconsistently. (#6795, b3fcf17)

link Position

  • Deprecated: offset option; merged into my and at options. (#6981, 6f051d5)
  • Added: Allow for arbitrary element to be containing element. (#5645, c6afaa1)
  • Added: Ability to determine if the element is flipped. (#5937, d5452c0)
  • Added: Allow percent-based offsets. (#7028, 6f051d5)
  • Added: flipfit collision. (#7492)
  • Fixed: Collision: fit doesn't work at top of window when scrolled. (#7211, 5e44b3c)
  • Fixed: Position in flip mode does not take into consideration scrollTop and scrollLeft. (#8481, 6514607)
  • Fixed: collision:flip should be supported for at:center. (#8127, c660d67)
  • Fixed: Smarter collision detection. (#5284)

link Interactions

link Draggable

  • Fixed: helper="clone" doesn't remove the dragged clone if original element is removed upon drop. (#7800, c3c8400)

link Widgets

link Accordion

  • Removed: ui-accordion-disabled class. (#8193, ec062c1)
  • Deprecated: changestart event; renamed to beforeActivate. (#6840, 088ef05, e0fe788)
  • Deprecated: change event; renamed to activate. (#6842, 088ef05, e0fe788)
  • Deprecated: autoHeight, fillSpace, and clearStyle options; merged into new heightStyle option (#5871, #5867, 490792b)
  • Deprecated: navigation and navigationFilter options. (#5869, f73d421)
  • Deprecated: icons.headerSelected option; renamed to icons.activeHeader. (#6834, b6ed932)
  • Deprecated: resize method; renamed to refresh. (#6838, 1b2f6ce)
  • Deprecated: animated option; renamed to animate. (#8600, 3d9f6b5)
  • Deprecated: activate method. (#6836, 599e143)
  • Deprecated: Non-number/falsey values for active option. (#6852, b5b8cef)
  • Added: ui-accordion-header-icon class to generated icons. (f1ff9b8)
  • Added: Allow canceling the beforeActivate event. (#6896, 7a6dd71)
  • Added: Use ui-accordion-header-active class. (6074b06)
  • Added: Provide header and content details in create event. (#7869, 3919256)
  • Fixed: Incorrect size when a panel is empty. (#7335, 4ff8d90)
  • Fixed: Accordion corner style applying order. (#8224, 04ba0a2)
  • Fixed: Jumpy animation when opening a panel after closing all. (#5540, 6660640)
  • Fixed: Dynamically changing accordion's event handler doesn't actually change the behavior. (#6740, f70f01a)
  • Fixed: Nested accordion styling. (#7880, 5a55d68)
  • Fixed: Broken animation in Chrome. (#6892, c580123)
  • Fixed: Nested accordion is oversized. (#8140, 1d2fcad)
  • Fixed: ui-accordion-content's overflow value does not change back to auto in IE 6. (#6957, fb35d4e)
  • Fixed: Animation bug in Opera 11.01 with jQuery 1.4.3+. (#6971, ecddf46)
  • Fixed: Animation a bit jumpy in some browsers. (#4178, 3d9f6b5, d20f05e)
  • Fixed: Incorrect size when zoomed. (#7371, 3d9f6b5)
  • Fixed: Activating a panel during animation fails. (#3532, 5f02a8f)
  • Fixed: Folding with keyboard space mixes up headline style. (#6779, 8b23483)
  • Fixed: Collapsible accordion in IE8 not toggling aria-expanded and aria-selected tags. (#7300)
  • Fixed: Accordion causes scrollbar to disappear. (#7464)
  • Fixed: Calling .accordion("activate, false) fires changestart event with incorrect values. (#7683)
  • Fixed: $(...).accordion('option', 'active') is incorrect when set by URL hash navigation. (#7820)
  • Fixed: Invalid negative CSS values from Accordion. (#8142)
  • Fixed: Accordion font reduce in safari of iPhone. (#8310)

link Autocomplete

  • Added: Callback when search is complete. (#6777, e7991e3)
  • Added: Support for contenteditable. (#6914, 5095871)
  • Fixed: popup results not read by screen-readers. (#7840, f4b2d7a)
  • Fixed: Menu options are activated even if mouse is not moved. (#7024, 098dd14)
  • Fixed: Cancel pending request when text changes below minLength. (#7523, 530d4cb)
  • Fixed: Blur should not change the value of the input. (#7742, ea19645)
  • Fixed: Autocomplete overwrites input erroneously when user hits ESC before timeout expires. (#7579, 75415b3)
  • Fixed: Holding down arrow keys in Firefox does not traverse list. (#7269, bdfc6d5)
  • Fixed: Tab out of autocomplete with remote source can leave menu showing. (#7423, 2445e20)
  • Fixed: Double escape clear IE form. (#8282, 4ab7d53)
  • Fixed: Change event not triggered in time. (#7550, f5b52a8)
  • Fixed: Menu click when no mouseover causes error. (#7085, da67ece)
  • Fixed: Combobox: Invalid value is set. (#7197, 9e26291)
  • Fixed: Combobox: Incorrect button size. (#6729, 309ca08)
  • Fixed: Autocomplete very slow in IE for 500+ items. (#6670)
  • Fixed: event.originalEvent undefined in overridden focus event. (#7070)
  • Fixed: autoFocus randomly deletes typed characters. (#7555)
  • Fixed: Menu doesn't hide on blur if selecting text. (#8096)
  • Fixed: Incorrect scrolling of items when zoomed. (#8216)
  • Fixed: Autocomplete does not display results on Android in Firefox unless you delete. (#8263)
  • Fixed: Single quote breaks autocomplete. (#8276)
  • Fixed: Remote autocomplete example can leave pending request tracking out of sync. (#8616)

link Button

  • Fixed: Submit inputs don't automatically set label option. (#8337, 1f16138)
  • Fixed: When opening a dialog, button keeps focused state. (#5265)

link Datepicker

  • Fixed: Chromium-Browser does not support html-entities in datePicker i18n-translation. (#7008, 7c4d6a7)
  • Fixed: Datepicker does not properly scope the body selector. (#8464, 1626c97)
  • Fixed: Translation displays HTML entities when setting some formats. (#8515, d372882)
  • Fixed: Update Catalan Localization. (#7894, 9ebbcfe)
  • Fixed: CSS collision causing display:block on initial hidden state. (#4111)

link Dialog

  • Removed: Deprecated dialog option beforeclose. (#5100, b42125a)
  • Added: An extra class on the dialog wrapper to specify when a buttonset is showing. (#7057, 15c97e0)
  • Added: Ability to set an absolute position, regardless of window size. (#7947)
  • Fixed: Incorrect behavior for ESCAPE with multiple modal dialogs. (#8300, cab4c46)
  • Fixed: Dialog box size and close animation bugs. (#7327, c7eae7b)
  • Fixed: Clicks on close button don't bubble. (#6766, 727d00d)
  • Fixed: Dialog height is incorrect when .ui-dialog padding set. (#7692, ce0afde)
  • Fixed: After repeated opening and closing of a modal dialog, focus navigation using tab becomes slow. (#8551, 6abb107)
  • Fixed: _createButtons() removes all elements with .ui-dialog-buttonpane class. (#8343, 286941e)
  • Fixed: Dimensions of reused overlay may cause scrollbars. (#5637, a0f16a0)
  • Fixed: Dialog shrinks on drag in IE. (#5916, e34dbfe)
  • Fixed: Destroy should place element back in original DOM position. (#4980, a4b7fea)
  • Fixed: Small memory leak in ui dialog. (#7793, 42d33f2)
  • Fixed: Optimize initialization. (#7258, 51df02e)
  • Fixed: Tabbing stops in modal dialog. (#3123, 96e5c24)
  • Fixed: Dialogs larger than the window show off the screen (to the left). (#8327)
  • Fixed: Slow script warning with 1,000 options inside a select. (#7118, 09e88d6)
  • Fixed: Modal dialogs cause horizontal scrollbars in IE. (#3623, 29b36bb)

New menu widget. Check out the menu documentation for more details.

link Tabs

  • Removed: rotate method. (#5939, 162364f)
  • Deprecated: idPrefix, tabTemplate, and panelTemplate options. (#7139, c363019, 0546cd5)
  • Deprecated: spinner option. (#7134, e7971c9, 5ae44f8)
  • Deprecated: cookie option. (#7144, cb0588f, 36fccdd)
  • Deprecated: ajaxOptions and cache options. (#7131, aeaaf93, 9549686, 7157af2)
  • Deprecated: selected option; renamed to active. (#7135, 9a00fd4, 92bcb25)
  • Deprecated: fx option; replaced with show and hide options. (#8319, d4318a5)
  • Deprecated: abort method. (#7133, f53d117, 3d61244)
  • Deprecated: select method. (#7138, cbce358, c6a6ef5)
  • Deprecated: length method. (#7143, 03eb54b)
  • Deprecated: add and remove methods. (#7141, e378876)
  • Deprecated: url method; use aria-controls instead of title to specify panels. (#7132, 1e2d314)
  • Deprecated: enable and disable events. (#7142, e5f081b, 45c727d)
  • Deprecated: select event; renamed to beforeActivate. (#7136, 8b0c361, 632e6c7)
  • Deprecated: show event; renamed to activate. (#7137, 787efd3, 1fc91f9)
  • Added: heightStyle option. (#8345, 6e2f95f)
  • Added: refresh method. (#7140, 8b89feb)
  • Added: beforeload event. (#7131, aeaaf93, ff84d58)
  • Added: Provide tab and panel details in create event. (#7868, 6800e1a)
  • Added: Demo with the tabs at the bottom. (#4785, e7525d7, 6ca310f)
  • Added: Ability to cleanly handle ajax load errors. (#5070)
  • Fixed: Bottom border disappears in IE. (#5520, 1655079)
  • Fixed: CSS Consistency Updates. (#7146, e9ae04a)
  • Fixed: Programmatically loading a tab shouldn't cancel active ajax requests. (#7204, 03939fc)
  • Fixed: Don't forcefully remove filter attribute. (#4621, c0f5db5)
  • Fixed: _sanitizeSelector() needs to escape '.'. (#4681, 5f10fa6)
  • Fixed: Panels do not sort when a tab is sorted which can cause a mismatch error when a tab is removed. (#7698, c1cda18)
  • Fixed: Selected Tab CSS causes problem when tabs are wrapped onto more than one line. (#4882, 1bd139a)
  • Fixed: Detection of local vs. remote tabs. (#4941, #4836, 18a3b53)
  • Fixed: Accessibility. (#3079, #7845, 48588d3)
  • Fixed: Use event.preventDefault() instead of returning false. (#6765, e104f6c)
  • Fixed: Adding tab moves targeted panel. (#4578, 965cb73)
  • Fixed: Sortable demo causes bad index references. (#4524, c3d9bd0)
  • Fixed: Pass original event. (#5043, 8ef8d2d)
  • Fixed: Incorrect handling for enable and disable method. (#4386, 710d762)
  • Fixed: Tabs doesn't need to have execute permissions. (#7329, d522dad)
  • Fixed: Remove queueing logic. (#7357, 463849e)
  • Fixed: Incomplete unit tests. (#4051)
  • Fixed: Removing a tab can result in a selected index of -1 if fx option is used. (#4403)
  • Fixed: Multiple tabs may be in an active state. (#4549)
  • Fixed: add() creates two tab panels when using a full URL. (#5069)
  • Fixed: Removing selected tab passes bad index to select callback. (#5768)
  • Fixed: Load event for Ajax tab can fire for the wrong tab. (#5954)
  • Fixed: Hover state sticks in Firefox if a field is focused on show. (#6148)
  • Fixed: Destroy method sometimes throws an error. (#7199)
  • Fixed: Memory leak. (#7383)
  • Fixed: Tab retains active state when programmatically moving focus. (#7520)
  • Fixed: Tabs are stopping event propagation. (#7708)
  • Fixed: Tabs displayed differently in IE7. (#8632)

link Tooltip - NEW!

New tooltip widget. Check out the tooltip documentation for more details.

link Spinner - NEW!

New spinner widget. Check out the spinner documentation for more details.

link Effects

  • Renamed: All files. (92fb556)
  • Moved: Effects to $.effects.effect[]. (#7103, d64c9ef)
  • Added: Add the queue functions to $.fn.effect() (#7318, 1c1a3b1)
  • Added: Support for rgba animations. (#5215, 13d560b)
  • Added: Expose getRGB and getColor. (#3806, 13d560b)
  • Added: Option to animate children elements in animateClass. (#3939, 2dcf723)
  • Fixed: Trying to animate the background color of a document fragment can easily fail. (#6910, 13d560b)
  • Fixed: Animate backgroundColor to 'transparent'. (#4372, 13d560b)
  • Fixed: getColor reports inaccurate color for transparent elements in Webkit. (#5393, 13d560b)
  • Fixed: animateClass doesn't like going from borderStyle: none to borderStyle: *. (#7109, c89bbc1)
  • Fixed: animateClass: css and class changes during animation are lost. (#7106, e3156ea)
  • Fixed: Hide and Show try to affect hidden and showing elements. (#6715, d18cd7e)
  • Fixed: 'borderColor' property is buggy. (#6969, 536d112)
  • Fixed: Relative width elements break when wrapped for effects. (#5245, 2c81518)
  • Fixed: Clear inline styles when stopping a class animation. (#3928)
  • Fixed: effect('highlight') produces exception in chrome on detached object. (#5506)
  • Fixed: Improve internal effects API. (#7060)
  • Fixed: Simplify easing equations to only rely on state. (#7662)

link Individual effects

  • Added: Invert the blind effect. (#4880)
  • Fixed: Shake effect: Duration is multiplied based on number of shakes. (#8531, dec9c54)
  • Fixed: Element jumps to wrong position after scale effect with origin: ['middle','center'] parameter. (#4316, c1f71f1)
  • Fixed: Transfer effect to fixed positioned element. (#5547, 3e0d3c9)
  • Fixed: Explode: explodes from the right instead of from the center. (#3968, 39dcad6)
  • Fixed: effects.scale origin bottom bug. (#6096, 7d232f7)
  • Fixed: Multiple explosions cut short. (#6022, 4ade64b)
  • Fixed: Bounce effect duration is multiplied by the number of bounces. (#7067, 40ebb0f)
  • Fixed: position: absolute is lost when .stop() is used with .show('blind'). (#6245, 129d5c7)
  • Fixed: Bounce doesn't work when the page is zoomed in. (#7726)
  • Fixed: Scale effect only animates last image to attribute width/height. (#8264)
  • Fixed: toggleClass fails in IE8 with a border-width property. (#8273)

link CSS Framework

  • Fixed: ui-icon-radio-on and ui-icon-radio-off reversed. (#7475, c66a7b1)
  • Fixed: Use of !important in jquery-ui.css should be avoided. (#8396, 664777d)
  • Fixed: .ui-widget :active { outline: none; } causes slowness in FF. (#6757, ac0f6de)

link Demos

  • Fixed: Ensure all PHP scripts for demos/tests properly escape/filter input data. (#5124, 51482a9)
  • Fixed: Don't filter source, display it all. (#5511)
  • Fixed: Animated dialog demo doesn't work. (#7625)
  • Fixed: Accordion hover intent demo doesn't work. (#8539)
  • Fixed: Scale effect doesn't work properly. (#8541)

link Tests

  • Added: Ability to run tests against minified files via ?min=1. (dcac8c1)
  • Added: Ability to run tests suites against different versions of jQuery core. (d92b61e)
  • Added: Test suites to run individual widget tests against all supported jQuery versions. (bea74f2)
  • Added: Created a composite test suite. (0290325)
  • Added: Enable QUnit.config.requireExpects. (5ae668f)
  • Fixed: Use #qunit-fixture instead of deprecated #main. (#7031, c37637e)

link Website

  • Fixed: Use H1 tags for page headers to improve SEO. (#4810)
  • Fixed: Sidebar doesn't properly handle large text. (#4912)
  • Fixed: Get rid of redirects to improve performance. (#5653)
  • Fixed: Changelog documentation is hard to find. (#6057)
  • Fixed: Supported browsers are out of sync with jQuery core. (#8169)
  • Fixed: No charset is content-type headers. (#8387)

link Documentation

  • Added: Documentation for jquery.ui.core.js methods. (#4719)
  • Added: Documentation for easing equations. (#5402)
  • Added: Documentation for effects. (#7368)
  • Fixed: Alphabetize all options, events, and methods. (#5150)
  • Fixed: List out ui properties for all events. (#5807)
  • Fixed: Document when happens with properties that can't be animated. (#6974)
  • Fixed: Add note that widgets require functional CSS. (#7345)
  • Fixed: Incorrect types listed for dialog's show option. (#7421)
  • Fixed: toggleClass documentation missing switch parameter. (#8049)
  • Fixed: Grammar in sortable documentation. (#8404)

link Download Builder

  • Added: List of selected components in header comment. (#5441)
  • Fixed: Download doesn't include index.html if only UI Core is selected. (#4811)
  • Fixed: Stylesheet is not included when no theme is selected. (#6119)
  • Fixed: Buttons are not initialized in the generated index.html. (#8296)

link ThemeRoller

  • Fixed: phpThumb error with shorthand hex colors. (#4600)
  • Fixed: Move ThemeRoller permalink to top of file. (#6785)
  • Fixed: XSS vulnerability. (#8518)
  • Fixed: ThemeRoller doesn't work properly in IE7. (#8550)
  • Fixed: Spaces in font names are escaped with slashes. (#8612)