jQuery UI 1.9.1 Changelog

Released on October 25, 2012

link Build

  • Fixed: .jshintrc files not copied to dist. (#8687, 390510c)

link Core & Utilities

link UI Core

  • Fixed: :focusable pseudo-selector does not find elements if parent has 0x0 dimension. (#8643, 86a958d)

link Widget Factory

  • Fixed: Destroy only when element is the actual target. (#8652, 8bb05d2)
  • Fixed: this._on delegates using instance.widget() instead of passed element (#8658, 721a4b4)
  • Fixed: widgetEventPrefix is lost when extending existing widget. (#8724, 848ab48)

link Interactions

link Draggable

  • Fixed: Dragging into nested sortables causes duplicated placeholders. (#7777, 20e6064)

link Resizable

  • Fixed: Use .insertAfter() instead of .after() to avoid recursively destroying. (#8662, 025266e)
  • Fixed: Passing an object as ui.resizable handles parameter does not work. (#8713, 9b90887, 5e0a2ca)

link Sortable

  • Fixed: Can't drag an item out of an inner sortable; Hard to put an item between two inner sortables. (#8572, #8573, #8574, bae06d2)
  • Fixed: Out of range problem in when dragging a nested sortable. (#8571, 77a4aaf)

link Widgets

link Accordion

  • Fixed: Multiple collapsible Accordions won't work together. (#8696, f4b3cd5)
  • Fixed: active: null allows panels to be collapsible. (#8694, c2802d7, eb392b3)

link Autocomplete

  • Fixed: Initial position of autocomplete is incorrect. (#8656, 1ee090e)

link Button

  • Fixed: Anchor tags cannot be disabled within buttonset. (#8237, 5e24a1c)

link Datepicker

  • Fixed: Date range demo bug when clearing date. (#5473, a50516f)

link Dialog

  • Fixed: Escape closes incorrect dialog. (#8063, 1a69667)
  • Fixed: Position with pixels in array doesn't work with back compat disabled. (#8675, 11effcb)
  • Fixed: jQuery dialog with hide options does not trigger close event. (#8684, 35dc930)
  • Fixed: jQuery 1.9.0 dialog on a XHTML page is broken if buttons are defined (#8639, 1e6e4ce)
  • Fixed: Escape closes incorrect dialog. (#7737, 1a69667)

link Slider

  • Fixed: Slider with range doesn't work if values are not set. (#7922, dda1925)
  • Fixed: Setting min/max options does not update view. (#7477, f37008e)

link Spinner

  • Fixed: Spinner input has no background (#8654, 112185e)
  • Fixed: Spinner buttons displayed on top of Datepicker. (#8655, ac43938)

link Tabs

  • Fixed: wrong default active li if ul contains extraneous elements. (#8568, fa62f21)
  • Fixed: Tabs are not working inside iframe in IE6/7. (#8653, 8ce3519)
  • Fixed: Set initial active tab from location hash for ajax tabs. (#8660, 94221c4)

link Tooltip

  • Fixed: Tooltip doesn't hide on disabled anchor element [IE only]. (#8661, bd3a348)
  • Fixed: Delayed tooltips set to track should reposition when being shown for the first time. (#8644, 0b3e59f)
  • Fixed: Overlapping tooltipped elements shows native tooltip for one of the elements (#8700, 77a55f1)
  • Fixed: Moving focus on click of a tooltipped element shows native tooltip in IE/Firefox on Windows (#8699, 6b48ef5)
  • Fixed: Tooltip flickers when too long. (#8718, 7af1ec7)
  • Fixed: Disabled tooltips on initialization. (#8712, ba752cf)
  • Fixed: Delegated tooltips don't close when the tooltipped element is removed (#8646, 3b2d1e7)
  • Fixed: Remains after close of datepicker (#8726, 6b48ef5)

link Effects

  • Fixed: null reference when using effects. (#8670, 8b76684)

link CSS Framework

  • Fixed: Primary icon "enabled" when button is disabled. (#6059, fe1ecf9)
  • Fixed: Accordion Collapsed Color Issue. (#7648, cb57f22)

link Demos

  • Fixed: Incorrect titles. (7756834)