jQuery UI 1.9.2 Changelog

Released on November 23, 2012

link Core & Utilities

link UI Core

  • Moved old jQuery support code to the bottom (above deprecated). (177d0f2)
  • Patch over broken .removeData() in jQuery 1.6.1 + 1.6.2. (310dff1)

link Widget Factory

  • Fixed: Ability to use _on() even when disabled. (#8800, f8c154b)
  • Fixed: Bridge fails if widgetFullName is not supplied. (#8775, 8f098d8)
  • Fixed: widgetEventPrefix is incorrect when inheriting with jQuery UI 1.9.1. (#8805, e27195b)
  • Fixed: ui-state-disabled blocks destroy to be triggered on remove. (#8769, 0ad6d7a)

link Widgets

link Accordion

  • Use .css() to clear the height, instead of .height(). (3175d7d)

link Autocomplete

  • Fixed: Autocomplete dropdown positioned incorrectly in IE. (#8749, 8f0daea)

link Button

  • Fixed: Refresh does not re-enable disabled button. (#8828, 8def77c)
  • Fixed: Button doesn't remove hover state if they are disabled (#5295, 85b5c5b)

link Datepicker

  • Fixed: Faroese locale has incorrect firstDay. (#8815, a1f629f)

link Dialog

  • Don't use .attr( props, true ). (ccb741b)
  • Fixed: dialog with position:fixed goes offscreen when opening after scrolling down since v 1.9.0. (#8741, 78ad8e4)
  • Fixed: Internal autocomplete causes scroll bars. (#8793, db1a622)
  • Fixed: refresh() doesn't refresh existing submenus. (#8773, 9e0071f)

link Tabs

  • Fixed: Tabs fail in Safari 5.1 when window.location contains a space. (#8777, cdccd99)
  • Fixed: 'display: none;' attribute is not removed from tabs when destroy is called. (#8795, 41ec411)
  • Fixed: select event not triggering when collapsible:true. (#8813, d7ee956)

link Tooltip

  • Fixed: Using the track option within dialogs creates JS errors. (#8747, 241c100, 25a1de4)
  • Fixed: Does not hide consistently with dynamically loaded content. (#8740, f4ce4d3)
  • Fixed: Tooltip is shown, but not hidden if element has class=ui-state-disabled. (#8758, b5cf5b6)
  • Fixed: Default positioning on large items off. (#8739, fbc0e6a)
  • Fixed: tracking fails on nested elements. (#8799, 0be0c26)
  • Fixed: Tooltip shows incorrect message in chrome if there is input with name='title' in a form. (#8742, 48398bc)
  • Use ui-tooltip-open instead of tooltip-open for data key. (da2fbca)

link Effects

  • Making sure outerHeight and outerWidth make it through to the .size() implementation in all cases - Fixes IE8 effects failure (188259e)