jQuery UI 1.8.5 Upgrade Guide

link Overview

This guide will assist in upgrading from jQuery UI 1.8.4 to jQuery UI 1.8.5. All changes are listed below, organized by plugin, along with how to upgrade your code to work with jQuery UI 1.8.5.

link Button

link disabled attribute is read on initialization

(#5252) By default the Button widget now determines whether the button should be enabled or disabled on initialization by reading the disabled attribute from the original element. You can still pass true or false on initialization to explicitly set a specific state.

link Datepicker

link Date parsing is now case-insensitive

(#6036) Previously, the Datepicker widget required dates to be formatting with specific capitalization, e.g., "01 Mar 2010". Now you can enter dates with any capitalization you want, e.g., "01 mar 2010", and it will be interpreted properly.

link Dialog

link Improved button option

Until now it has only been possible to set the text and callback for buttons in the Dialog widget. Now you have complete control over the attributes of the button by providing an object of attributes to set.

$( "#dialog" ).dialog({
buttons: [
text: "OK",
click: function() {
alert( "You clicked OK!" );
html: "I'm a <b>styled</b> button",
"class": "ui-priority-secondary",
disabled: "disabled",
click: function() {
alert( "How did you click a disabled button?!?" );

The older, simpler syntax will continue to be supported as well.

link Position

link The of option now accepts jQuery objects containing a document or window

(#5963) The Position utility is extremely flexible, allowing you to position an element relative to any other element by specifying a selector, a jQuery object, the document or the window. Now you can also pass a jQuery object containing a document or window, e.g., $( document ) and $( window ).

link Collision now takes margin into account

(#5766) When performing collision detection, the margin around the element being positioned is now taken into account. This means that if you have ten pixels of margin on the right of the element, the right side of the element won't be able to get closer than ten pixels from the right side of the window when collision is turned on (assuming you're positioning to the right).

link Tabs

link Ability to contain lists inside a tab

Tabs can now contain lists. This is useful for creating menus inside a tab.

link Widget

link Widgets now throw errors for invalid method calls

(#5972) When calling a method that doesn't exist, or calling a method before a widget has been initialized, the widget will now throw an exception. Previously the method calls were simply ignored, which could mask errant code, since such calls are likely logic errors.