jQuery UI 1.7.2 Changelog

Released on June 19, 2009

link General

This is a maintenance release for jQuery UI 1.7. It changes only the plugins listed below. In addition to the plugin fixes below, 7 new themes were added: Sunny, Overcast, Le Frog, Flick, Pepper Grinder, Eggplant and Dark Hive.

link Widgets

link Accordion

  • Fixed: changestart event not documented (#4471)

link Datepicker

  • Fixed: Datepicker: Datepicker: destroy, disable, and enable methods affect sibling datepickers (#4240)
  • Fixed: Datepicker: Datepicker: option dateFormat getter does not return same value as setter (#4301)

link Dialog

  • Fixed: modal dialog + button locks page (#4065)
  • Fixed: Opening multiple modal dialogs causes access problems to inputs (#4309)

link Progressbar

  • Fixed: progressbar('value') returns a reference to this instead of the value (#4427)

link Slider

  • Fixed: ui-state-hover, ui-state-active and disabled sliders (#4391)
  • Fixed: some handles get stuck when using two or more handles (#3736)
  • Fixed: Slider code doesn't pack, due to missing semicolons (#4492)

link Effects

  • Fixed: effects.core corrupts jQuery toggle functionality (#4473)

link CSS Framework

  • Fixed: UI Icons are not even, causes misaligned buttons (#4447)
  • Fixed: added a rule for widget embedding font size. Resets ui-widget class font-size to 1em when inside another ui-widget.
  • Fixed: Update Google CDN with @import-less CSS (#4463)
  • Themes: minor changes to Blitzer, South Street, Cupertino, Mint Choc, Excite Bike (#4517)
  • Themes: Added new gallery themes: Sunny, Overcast, Le Frog, Flick, Pepper Grinder, Eggplant and Dark Hive (#4517)

link Website

link Download builder

  • Fixed: Redmond theme not included in latest build (#4302)
  • Fixed: 1.7 download fails WinZip Vista 64bit (#4340)
  • Fixed: Zip file containing CSS theme files does not unzip (#4503)
  • Fixed: Download Page Corrupt Zip File (#4505)
  • Fixed: Cannot download jQuery UI 1.7.1 custom theme (#4507)
  • Fixed: an issue with IE and the downloadbuilder (#4291)
  • Fixed: Custom theme generator produces buggy file (#4496)
  • Fixed: The Compressed (zipped) Folder is invalid or corrupted. (#4574)
  • Fixed: Themes Not Downloading (#4283)
  • Fixed: Invalid Zip Files when downloading (#4323)
  • Fixed: unable to download the UI themes (#4384)
  • Fixed: downloadbuilder - bung zip file (#4426)
  • Fixed: themeroller download outputs corrupted zip file (#4543)
  • Fixed: Theme roller does not seem to be working (#4546)
  • Fixed: Custom JQuery UI - created with theme roller is producing a corrupt zip file (#4552)
  • Fixed: Files for custom theme are not generated - default theme is downloaded instead (#4594)